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6 ways to be a supportive blogger whilst growing your own blog


I’m on a mission to up my blogging game.  I’ll hazard a guess that if you have a little internet space, you are too.  We all are, no denying that!  I’d quite like to publish a bunch more posts and take better photos and become a blogging pro.  Y’know, in an ideal world.  That’d be fine and dandy. BUT.  Whilst I’m trying my damned hardest to publish more, better posts, I’ve also decided that I’m going to dedicate a good…

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life’s a beach | capsule wardrobe

matalan summer collage

Possibly the most inappropriate outfits for today’s weather (June and January are interchangeable, apparently) but hey, here’s a lil’ summery thing I’ve been up to with Matalan lately. Considering my Facebook feed’s full of airport check-ins here there and everywhere, ‘Holiday Abroad Styling’ is perfectly timed.  Might be blanket weather here but it seems half the population is off on their jollies anyway so we’ll roll with it.  Behold the beach holiday capsule wardrobe, expertly styled by yours truly (humour…

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needing some TLC


TLC in the form of a hug.  For your legs.  And butt.  Well, a hug all over is always nice, but when your pants feel like they’re actually squeezing you all over it’s never a bad thing!  Anything to boost the confidence, y’know?  Nice one, TLC Sport.  I don’t know about you but for me, when I’m red faced, sweaty and look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards post-workout, it’s nice to know at least my outfit’s got…

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bye bye


Continuing business as usual – ‘here’s what I had for breakfast and what I wore last Tuesday’ – feels a bit weird today, doesn’t it?  We went to bed part of the EU and woke up, well, sticking two fingers up to it, going out alone, and with the Prime Minister calling it quits.  Not feeling madly proud to be British today. For many of us, me included, this was the first major vote we’ve been eligible to make.  So…

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lily diaries | june snippets


I start many a post with ‘it’s been AGES since I did this!!!‘ but yeah, it’s been bloody ages since my last proper diary post.  I mean, you must all be on the edge of your seats desperate to see what’s been occurring in the life of Lily Kate France, mustn’t you?  Don’t answer that.  So, today I present ‘June Snippets’, or in other words, photos I forgot existed.  Just as a little catchup, y’know. 🙂 — Afternoon tea is…

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it’s a paradise it’s a warzone


Ahh relationships, dates, sex, ‘we’re-kind-of-a-thing’s…  Zayn got it pretty damn right didn’t he?  Paradise, warzone, yep.  I’m a pretty observant person, and tbh the main thing I’ve noticed/heard over the last few years is that everybody wants something different.  Just to make these late teen/early 20s years even more confusing.  And that’s before you even consider the damage that social media can do.  It’s surprising how different people’s ideals are.  No wonder these years are a paradise/warzone – making it…

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maxi(mal) comfort


Evenin’ folks.  How’s your weekend been?  Mine’s passed all too quickly but involved afternoon tea for brunch and that’s never a bad thing.  Rather than throw more Majorca pics your way (that would just make me sad, I want to go back so much), here’s a thoroughly more relatable backdrop this time.  In the form of a very green, very leafy park.  I can guarantee this ones 100% English – complete with downpours and all.  My maxi dress and sandals…

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