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the france family goes to france | Brittany travel diary


The France family went to France back in July, and it’s taken me until a lazy groggy afternoon in August to write about it.  Shame on me.   Unlike my other travel posts this won’t be a ‘here are the all-singing-all-dancing attractions we fit into a whistlestop tour‘, but more a family holiday diary with some pretty views and good food.  No video this time either because this idiot somehow managed to delete half the clips I vlogged.  Absolute bummer!  Note…

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do you really need a niche? (and A level results)


There’s been a whole load of online hoo-ha lately about bloggers.  The twitterverse has been a minefield, and there are debates left right and centre about what bloggers are supposed to do and how they’re supposed to be.  I thought about adding my twopenneth… but decided not to go there yet!  Instead, I thought I’d have a little chat about something else blogging-related that’s puzzling me at the minute.   That being ‘blog niches’.  (Let’s just say I’m in the midst…

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never miss a sunset


An alternative title for this would be ‘Lily walks around taking photos of things silhouetted against a sunset’.  Or ‘Lily squats in awkward positions to get good angles and receives funny looks’.  Not mad catchy though. I’m gonna straight up say that I’m sorry-not-sorry for sunset spam today – can you blame me?  What started out as a drive and a wander in the sun (OK so the plan was to squeeze a few outfit pics in there too) turned…

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short summers and long skirts | maxis


End of summer, oh how I am not ready for you.  Nuh-uh.  Come back in 6 months and at least give me chance to develop some kind of tan, yeah?  The thought of black opaque tights is giving me shudders already.  I mean, along with autumn comes cosy and hot chocolate and fallen leaves and all the Pinterest cliches, sure.  But so do drizzle and cold and sludgy leaves so yeah, just let me cling on to bare legs and…

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celebrate | a jewellery competition


Quickest of quick check-ins this morning!  (It actually will be this time, I promise – don’t wanna be that loser who’s late for Metafit again).  Just giving you a heads up that this Brown’s Jewellers competition I posted about in July has been extended due to a teeny tiny technical hitch.  Now the pretty pearl and diamond pendant could be a console-yourself-that-its-almost-autumn gift to yourself, too!  Or a results day celebration/consolation for after next Thursday, lol.  Find a bunch of…

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why and how to stay fit on holiday


First things first: I’m well aware that exercising might be the absolute last thing you want to do on holiday.  Below ‘get covered in 538 midge bites’ on your list of priorities.  However… not exercising for 7+ days might also be the last thing you want to do to your fitness routine.  Totally depends on the type of holiday too ofc – in France I worked out every single day (save for the couple that I was ill and didn’t…

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a little red dress & random acts of kindness


Today I’m starting Thursday morning with an outfit I wore on Saturday night.  Saturday marked the night that I made it one step closer to becoming the actual dancing girl emoji, you see.  Big occasion. 😉 Bardot neckline with a great big giant frill, I love it!  Apparently red is ‘my colour’, and I hope so because I bloody love wearing it.  So I earned myself a few blogger points by squeezing outfit photos in between an afternoon at a…

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