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How I Shoot and Edit My Photos | Current Photography and Instagram Style


Being a blogger means, by default, you become a bit obsessed with imagery.  Even before blogging I did my own little ‘365 photographs’ challenges on Flickr and was forever playing around with my camera (if you really fancy a giggle, check out these), and it’s just always been a ‘thing’ of mine since I used to take my camera into school to take photos of everyone on the last day lol. I’d like to think I’ve improved a little since…

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9 Reasons Hamburg Should Be Top of Your City Break List This Winter


In case you hadn’t gathered from the 27438 Instagrams I’ve posted already, last week I spent 2 days (well, 34 hours to be precise) in Hamburg. Short trips are kinda my thing at the minute! But yes, despite having only a super short time to enjoy Hamburg, enjoy it I bloody well did. 🙂  As I expected to tbh – I’ve loved every German city I’ve visited in the past and Hamburg was no exception.  Ahh Deutschland <3 <3 <3…

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The Things I’m Not Allowed To Say


Right now, I’m sat on an armchair on a Sunday morning in my pyjamas and feel like I want to thrash out something really personal. My fingers are hovering over the keyboard and twitching in that weird way like I want to type something really fast and furiously, you know? Or maybe that’s just me lol.  To be honest I don’t even know exactly what I’d like to say – I just know that I want to write something meaty-ish. …

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Topshop Birthday Dress 2.0 & A Mini Epiphany About The ‘Busy Life’


Evenin’ evenin’.  All going well this post *should* pop up whilst I’m in Hamburg, but all going well I *should* be asleep right now before going to Hamburg so we’ll see!  Alarm’s set for 3:30am (lord have mercy) and my body clock’s doing that really cool thing where it’s decided 10pm is a great time to be awake the night before.  It’s really screwing me over lately, this damn body clock.  Practically sleepwalking around Sainsbury’s at 1:30pm but wide awake…

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Those Wintery ‘Feel Good’ Things | #SpreadFeelGoodness


Hands up who needs a little help keeping up the fresh, good feelings through winter?  Just way too easy to feel bogged down and like you just want to hibernate with a continuous supply of warm beverages and at least 3 layers covering neck to toe at all times.  Sometimes you gotta give in to those feels.  I am writing this from under a duvet, so y’know!   Sometimes though, it really pays to keep up the little things that…

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Dublin in a Day | 7 Ways I Made The Most of The Quickest Trip Ever


So, Dublin.  In one day.  Just a quick hop skip and a jump across the Irish sea, back in time for tea! That sounds sarcastic, but it’s actually pretty much true.  Minus the ‘back in time for tea’ part.  I’d have been hella hungry if I’d waited until midnight. So yes, I hopped on the flight I’d booked on a whim a few weeks ago (God bless the £2 flight sale), felt weird to only be carrying a small handbag…

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My Open University Experience | Observations 6 Weeks In


As promised, thus beginneth the Open University observations series. (That’s me ironically pretending to sound like I’m some super intelligent academic when in reality I haven’t got my head round referencing yet). In other words, I said at the beginning of my degree that I’d share all my thoughts/observations/tips/rants (if there are any) about my Open University experience in a regular-ish series.  6 weeks or so in seems like a reasonable time to start, don’t you think?  I’ll get straight…

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