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She likes chocolate she does

Lily brought a friend home to bake tonight.  She does that.  No warning – just wanna bake!  She’s actually very good and can be trusted with most things in the kitchen.  So relatively little input needed from me. 

As you can see…..

…they didn’t exactly go easy on the chocolate.

Results were yummy though!


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It didn't want to be a sock.

It really didn’t.  That’s a thumb gusset you see there. In the absence of a freakishly small-heeled person the Vine lace sock has been ripped back to the ankle. There are 54 stitches in the round at this point, which is about hand-size.  It’s a rough job but hey, picking up ripped YOs ain’t ever pretty! Virtually thrown back on the needles in disgust.  Why can’t I finish anything in this yarn???? Honestly – it’s like my own knitting Smackdown going on here!


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Not happy…

…with the Vine Lace sock!  I asked Lily to try it on just now and there’s no way it’s going to go over her heel.  She’s a very narrow UK4 so hardly clown feet!  Recommended gauge was 8sts to the inch. I’m getting 7 sts AND I picked up extra stitches to make the instep deeper!  I suppose alarm bells should have rung when I saw other people with the same problem on Ravelry but I carried on regardless – ever do that?  I’m not sure I can face ripping this straight away, so I think I’ll just hide it somewhere


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Just 2 days….

That’s how long I lasted before buying another lens. And it’s yummy one – EF-s 60mm Macro lens.  I love it!!!  This camera really is like a new baby in the house. I’m totally muddling through everything like a first time mum and it’s a steep learning curve for me! 

Photo is Araucania sock Take 2.  Had a disaster with Embossed leaves and ripped it off the needles in temper. This is Vine Lace from Socks,socks,socks.  You can’t see any of the pattern yet of course, but I just had to photograph something. My fingers where itching!


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