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DIY crochet bikini | How I’m going to make the most of a 4 month summer

What’s that? Lily’s actually crocheted something new rather than wearing old pieces and saying ‘I need to make more!’ again and again?  Yes, yes it is.  Lily has put hook to yarn and whipped up a lil’ crochet bikini.  Forever the queen of making items for the California life I don’t have.  But hey, they’re fun to make and look cute, right? My ‘creative process’ went something like this: Rummage through yarn cupboard for colours that work together Realise don’t have…

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crochet, DIY, fashion

white shirts, DIY chokers, and ‘dressing your age’

Good morning, top of the morning to ya, all that jazz.  It’s a good morning from home this time, with coffee in hand, hair a mess, and looking through the window onto a sky that started out looking promising and now looks like it’s gonna throw it down.  Couldn’t possibly come home from holiday to good weather, right?  I’m now reminiscing over a time when my hair and makeup was a whole lot better and I liked my outfit a…

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