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love this place


The Lake District has gotta be my no.1 place for spontaneous days out!  Mummy and I decided we fancied a trip to the Lakes at around lunchtime, and soon enough the four of us were on the M6 with a flask of coffee and tuna sandwiches packed.  And all our camera stuff.  Because if this place of natural beauty doesn’t scream to be photographed, then nothing does.  We’re both a little snap-happy.  Perfect place for more camera practice, as I…

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fox and the chicken

Ambiguous post title I know, but does anybody remember that puzzle? My parents used to ring us whenever they’d left me and my brother home alone together, just to check that the ‘fox hadn’t eaten the chicken’ as it became known.  I was supposedly the fox in this scenario, who couldn’t be trusted not to attack the chicken.  Totally wasn’t the case though!  I was talking to Joel for a while last week, and I noticed how much we’ve changed…

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last minute halloween

About as last minute as it gets with this one!  I pretty much decided on this look whilst walking to the fancy dress shop this lunchtime.  Inspired by InTheFrow of course!  Her tutorial was really easy to follow and luckily I happen to have a goldy-orange animal print lycra leotard hanging around.  As you do.  (Dance show, not day to day don’t worry).  My brother Joel also needed a costume at the last minute, and in true ‘little brother’ style…

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looking back, looking ahead

2013 has been a transitional year for me.  I feel like I’ve grown up a great deal, and have a better idea of what I really enjoy doing.  I started blogging properly, which is probably the most important change to me!  Since only August I’ve got to know so many new people online and feel like we’re virtual friends already, and coming up with new ideas sartorially and in my writing has been a really enjoyable challenge.  Everyone knows how…

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day late christmas post

Hope everybody had a fabulous Christmas and is enjoying a chilled out Boxing Day! What do you think of my candy crush inspired card? Pretty good idea for my candy crush fanatic boyfriend, if I do say so myself!  I included jellies and stripies and everything, just to be accurate 😉 Usually my little brother is pretty reluctant to get in front of the camera, but with the excuse that `its Christmas` I managed to persuade him. People say we…

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