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Styling leather look trousers day to night


…Or night to day in this case, but whatever. ๐Ÿ˜› ย I bought some (literally) shiny new pants, and thought I’d style them in a nighttime/daytime kinda way because shiny pants are alwaysย good, obviously. ย  Not that I really do the whole ‘daytime to nighttime outfit’ thing (I’m more of a ‘change ALL the clothes! ย Throw ALL the clothes on the floor!’ kinda gal), but if I did wanna wear one item for both, then I’d say shiny pants are a good bet.ย  ‘Night’ = going out here btw. ย Let’s just ignore that most nights are better spent in fleece pyjamas, yeah?

Lil’ intro to Shiny Pants. ย Shiny Pants are the same fit as these (not shiny) jeans that I’ve worn approximately 63297 times since raving about their fit on the bloggy back in March. ย Shiny Pants are – surprisingly for spray on jeans – pretty comfy, meaning they get more points than my grey pair of leather-look pants from H&M years ago, which one cannot wear if one has eaten a muffin at any point during the previous year. ย (I’ve eaten lots of muffins). ย Shiny Pants do sound kinda papery when you walk, but not as squeaky as aforementioned grey circulation-cutter-offers. ย All in all, shiny pants are good! ย And all for ยฃ22.50 if you factor in student discount, so win win.


jeans and jumper: New Look | boots: Primarkย 


I *almost* threw on my black fringe cape from last year too (oh so creative with all the black, I know) but realised I had aย catwoman-costumey kinda vibe going on and quickly sacked that one. ย Maybe for generic-teenage-girl-Halloween?


My jumper’s a new one too, ’cause Friday was payday and why the hell not! ย The wraparound fit can only be described as the ‘perfect emoji’ so it had to be mine.


(Something must’ve been funny?!?)

Anddd the daytime part! ย Well, minus the heels because ain’t nobody got time effort for heels all day. ย I just forgot my flat boots haha. ย Big baggy grey fluffy jumper though, that’s daytime-y! ย And nighttime-y too, if you count wearing it with oh-so-fetching jogging bottoms at 11pm on a Sunday night lol. ย (Defo not what I’m wearing now, at all…). ย Works well to tone down the erm, shinyness, of Shiny Pants though, no? ย Anything with mahoosive sleeves and a floppy neck and A POCKET (pocket appreciation club, anyone?) is casual through and through, so we’re good. ย  comfy-grey-sweater-outfit




This is what you get when I try a little twirl like the big guns bloggers pull off so well. ย I call it ‘Gormless Deer in the Headlights’. ย So sophisticated.


I must add that despite it’s cosy comfyness, this may well be the only jumper on earth to inflict pain. ย Pain on an eyeball, that is. ย Yes you did read that correctly. ย I’ll rephrase that: ย I may well be the only person on earth to manage to inflict pain on myself with a soft wooly jumper. ย OK so said pain was only a piece of fluff stuck to my contact lens, but it really hurt and made my eye water! ย And I had no lens case with me to pop it into so I had to place it carefully on a camera lenscap and transport it around like the crown jewels, with one lens still in making my vision go a bit weird. ย They’re both cleaned and fizzing away in peroxide solution (yes really) overnight, so all is well!

lily kate x

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    28th September 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Wow those trousers look amazing! I especially love them with the knit!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • Reply
      lily kate
      29th September 2015 at 7:51 am

      Thank you Lizzy! I can see you wearing this style actually!

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