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sometimes just takes a change of scenery


Oh Starbucks, how I love thee!  Since my 23(!) GCSE exams are creeping up a little quicker than I’d like, this Easter holiday I’ve been trying to find as many ways as possible to absorb information.  Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery, and immediately the monotony is broken up a little, even if only by taking a few textbooks to Starbucks.  Or so I’ve found, anyway.  Associating an environmental stimulus to a piece of information makes it easier to retrieve from the long-term memory, don’t you know. 😉


With so much on my plate I’ve been trying to vary my revision as much as possible, and I’ve found that discussing and explaining my revision actually helps to cement it. It’s conversations that tend to be most memorable for me (often the most unnecessary bizarre ones) so fingers crossed this method will work again!  I wouldn’t exactly call myself a procrastinator – ‘extreme faffing’ is more my style – so finding the balance between  Sharpie colour co-ordinating everything and writing scribbled notes is where I’m struggling a little at the minute.  Which style of revising works for you?  How do you limit the ‘faffing time’?  If there was a qualification to be had in ‘faffing’ I’d be guaranteed an A*!

Blogging feels like a great diversion from revision at the moment (…she says…writing a post about revision…) and I’m fairly sure there are plenty of us in the same boat round about now.  Crafty stuff, chatting to other bloggers, reading blogs and writing the odd post myself is fab for when I want to tune out from the textbooks.   Blogilates AprilAbs workouts every morning are a really enjoyable start to the day too; I’ll chat more about how I’ve found the calendar when I’m done. :) I’m completely confused as to what day it is but should hopefully be hanging around for #lbloggers twitter chat tonight, so see you there!

lily kate x
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  • Vanessa

    In exactly the same position at the moment with my A levels! Have barely started with the revision, blogging has become my hobby and taken over my life! I find that mind maps work particularly well for me and cramming in information at the last minute. My LTM doesn’t work too well, so I find using my STM at the best of times has it’s perks! Anyway, good luck with your GCSE’s and I hope all that revision pays off! <3 xx


    • lily

      Ah yay exams! Blogging is so addictive and time-consuming! Mind maps work great for me too. I’ll definitely be using my STM plenty too haha, cramming before exams I’m sure!

  • Nichole

    Blogging has quickly become my escape!! Chats help and works as a brain break while working on a post can clear my mind for a while! I love it!

    • lily

      It’s a great way to focus your brain on something, but something non-academic for a change! yay for blogging 😀

  • Aimee

    A change of scenery can definitely help! When I was still in school and had my exams, I would always go downstairs to study. Less distractions than upstairs in my room.

    I would love to go to Starbucks (or something like it) to blog. But in the town I live in, I think it’s kind of weird. But maybe I should just do it =)

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