The 8 Life Events I’m Most Excited About (Without Wishing My Life Away)

Yay for blog post ideas that cross your mind at the most random of times, right?  This one popped into my head in the shower.  We all do our best thinks in there.  I can’t remember what my exact train of thought was as I shaved my legs but for some reason I was wondering what I’m most excited for about life.  Obviously there’s lots of day to day things to get excited about, but I’m the kind of person who thinks way ahead and gets excited about life events 10 years in advance so y’know.  I hesitate to say these are the things I’m excited for ‘when I grow up’ because I’m not convinced I’ll ever get there, but I think I’ll do an OK job of pretending.  I’m not wishing my life away either; but it’s nice to look optimistically into the future sometimes!

Graduating.   Well duh.  This one seems really obvious and also a hella long way off, but I have a feeling it’ll come round awful quickly.  I’ll (hopefully) graduate in 2019 and I’m prematurely excited because I know I’ll have to work my absolute arse off to get there, therefore satisfaction levels = high.

Having my own place and cupboards full of ‘my things’ I’ve accumulated over the years.  The thought of picking out matching sets doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but I just like the idea of building a collection of bits and bobs I like.  I mean c’mon, everyone has some awful tacky mugs in their cupboards that were once tongue in cheek Christmas presents, don’t they?  Having memories attached to each random piece (however tacky) just makes me happy.  I’m a sentimental kind of gal ok?

Baby cuddles.  Ah they’re just so cute and lovely and give me all the baby cuddles.  Can’t wait. (Except I can, obvs).  Well aware they come part and parcel with sleepless nights and your vagina being torn in two and your life changing forever, but still.  Much cuteness.

Hosting Christmas dinner myself.  I’ve only ever spent Christmas day at home, never even at grandparents’ or cousins or anything, and whilst I’m gonna milk that for a good while longer,  I’m quite looking forward to the day the reins are handed to me!  Pretty sure the novelty would wear off soon enough but it’ll be a nice occasion nonetheless.  I also apologise in advance for any butchered roast potatoes or sub par gravy.

Waking up with someone every day.  Waking up to bedhead cuddles is the best way to start the day and I rather look forward to the time when it’s a daily occurrence.  It’s the simple things in life!

Seeing more of the world both with company and without.  I’m going on a couple more solo trips this month which I couldn’t be more excited about, and I’ve already decided that I want to continue with the odd solo trip no matter my life circumstances.  Going it alone in a different country just really does something to you.  Obviously exploring new places (or old favourites) with your favourite people is fun to – they’re both good ways of doing it in their own right and I JUST WANT TO GO MORE PLACES ok.

Laughing back at my younger self.  Oh this will provide entertainment a plenty one day I’m sure. Things I do now will probably be beyond cringy to my future self, but if you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at really?

Growing and developing my blog alongside my life.  I don’t know whether I’d throw myself into the full-time blogger life given the option (apparently everyone’s discussing their ‘exit strategy’ already), but I’m 99.9% certain I’ll continue it in some incarnation for a long ass time.  I can’t imagine not doing, basically.  Whether I’ll find a niche that works for me or continue with my deliberate lack of niche, who knows!

P.S. This is the first and last post these boots will ever appear in because they fell victim to Storm Doris last week and the heel fell off.  RIP boots.

lily kate x

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