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As promised, I’ve just released McKee, my latest shawl pattern.


Short row shaping gives this shawl it’s wing-like appearance, and a delicate lace edging adds interest to the smoothness of the stocking stitch. ¬†McKee is wide and shallow, so it can be worn as either a shawl or a scarf.





Go make!

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  • Tina Johnstone

    I’ve always been hung up on shawls being for old ladies… but this one certainly doesn’t look like a grandmother!

    Really beautiful. I love it!

  • Kat

    Its been quite a while since my last visit, (life has sort of got in the way of my blogging activity); however, my jaw dropped when I saw how much Lily has grown. She really is beautiful! Her designs are still interesting and creative as ever. You must be sooo proud of her. Wishing the best to both of you.

  • sam

    Lily is growing to be ever more beautiful, and talented, each year. You must be very proud. And having a great adventuure together :) Not sure if you do this, but I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. My best to you and your family, Sam x

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