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A Light-hearted, Post Valentine’s Day, What Not To Do For Guys

So.  There were many love-y posts and cynical posts in the lead up to Valentine’s day, but probably not many in the wake of good ol’ V-day.  We’re going with a tongue in cheek, hefty pinch of salt approach to a ‘what not to do’ for guys today.  I’ve been single for a while now so why not! — Don’t make the mistake of playing it cool to avoid scaring someone off.  If they’ve really enjoyed the first date then…

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relationships | how timing can screw us over

I didn’t feel like sharing an OOTD or writing a diary post or something today.  Kinda feels like I’ve been scratching the surface a little bit with blogging lately and not delving into the more personal topics, and I’m not feeling that right now.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to dresses and ice creams again, but for now, here’s some relationships-related waffle for ya.  Because in mine and others’ relationships that work and fail, I’ve noticed a common theme –…

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