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A High Street Shopping Experiment | Where The Nice People Are Round 2

Yonks ago, back in what feels like the blogging dark ages, I wrote a blog post about where the nicest shopping experiences were to be had.  Just as a little experiment to show appreciation for the friendly people who make your day that bit nicer.  And yesterday I decided 3 years down the line to do High Street Experiment Round II, with different shops, and see where had the friendliest staff and who made for the nicest experience as a…

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wear more red – H & M Coachella top

Brunette girl with blue eyes

H&M Loves Coachella – the nearest I’m gonna get to the real thing for a long time!  Thanks to the wonders of the internet I’m actually in a physics exam as this one hits the blog, so yeah, couldn’t really be more different.  Let’s just pretend I was totally at Coachella in these photos though.  In fairness England did gift us a few hours of sunshine yesterday after a thoroughly grim bank holiday weekend, so we’re getting there!  What’s a…

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i caved

I caved.  I bought the cat print shorts.  It was the third time they’d called my name from the H&M shelf and I was powerless, ok?  (Humour me).  Seriously though, shorts with cats on!!!!  OK so they’re about the least serious item of clothing EVER so maybe seriously is a poor choice of word, but whatever.  Cat shorts.  Novelty factor hooked me.  Maybe I need to grow up.  They’re tailored cat shorts though with pleats and pockets and a well-fitting…

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on wednesdays we (don’t) wear…

Backlit portrait of teen girl wearing bright pink patterned shirt. Green grass and fence in background.

There was a time when I would downright refuse to wear pink.  Or frills.  Or anything girly for that matter.  My parents never tried to force pink, frilly girly clothes onto me, but I suddenly refused to wear half the clothes I already had.  I was 8 or so at the time, I do believe.  This was my ‘grey phase’.  I’d only wear the most boring androgynous of clothes.  And throw a tantrum about it. Pretty hard to believe now,…

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long may it last

Teen girl wearing aqua coloured 60s patterned skirt from Top Shop

Meet ma new fave skirt. 🙂  I’d been eyeing it up in Topshop for a while (as creepy Topshop stalkers like myself do), umm-ed and ahh-ed over it for a while, then eventually caved in and got the goddamn skirt.  Who needs practical clothes!  Nice to inject a bit of life into your wardrobe with more statement items sometimes.  Florals for spring and that.  ‘Basics’ can get kinda boring after a while; even I can get sick of all white. …

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Patriotic or what today!   Red white and blue is hardly the most original combination but works every time.  Red lipstick seems to switch on super-smiley mode too haha, cheesy grins all round!  I love cheeky vintage-y styles. 😀 top: Primark | jeans & shoes: New Look Loving these little bardot cropped tops from Primark!  Always one or two items every season that are worth having in a couple of colours.  Primark are good with that kind of thing. These are…

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over or under?

Overdressed or underdressed, which is better?  ‘What to wear’ dilemmas.  One of those #firstworldproblems.  Cue the texting to find out what everyone else is wearing beforehand, deciding whether heels are a go-er haha.  We’ve all done it!  I’d rather be slightly overdressed and look like I put in a bit too much effort rather than not enough though, in most cases.  Any excuse to wear a cute dress and heels, not gonna lie!  Seemed about right for a girly night…

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