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A Light-hearted, Post Valentine’s Day, What Not To Do For Guys

So.  There were many love-y posts and cynical posts in the lead up to Valentine’s day, but probably not many in the wake of good ol’ V-day.  We’re going with a tongue in cheek, hefty pinch of salt approach to a ‘what not to do’ for guys today.  I’ve been single for a while now so why not! — Don’t make the mistake of playing it cool to avoid scaring someone off.  If they’ve really enjoyed the first date then…

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Thou Shalt Take No Sh*t

HI.  All going well this should go up sometime whilst I’m dressed up to the nines at the #GoGlamGala blogger event tonight, hopefully without having tripped on my dress / smudged lipstick across my face / spilled a drink down myself.  That’s the plan anyway.  Bag is packed for my trip down to London with Tasmin later and I’m 92% certain I haven’t one singular shoe or something like that.  Let’s hope. Following my post last week about what we…

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relationships | throw caution to the wind or keep your guard up?

Sometimes I feel like the personal, raw topics are good ones to mull over in blogland.  We all want to get our teeth into something a little more personal than dresses and pretty countryside sometimes, right?  You probably know that I’ve thrashed out relationships posts on here before, and well, I’m gonna do it again.  Musings on 21st century dating/’dating’/shenanigans courtesy of your gal Lily Kate.  Being single means you can say whatever you want without offending anybody or making…

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relationships | how timing can screw us over

I didn’t feel like sharing an OOTD or writing a diary post or something today.  Kinda feels like I’ve been scratching the surface a little bit with blogging lately and not delving into the more personal topics, and I’m not feeling that right now.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to dresses and ice creams again, but for now, here’s some relationships-related waffle for ya.  Because in mine and others’ relationships that work and fail, I’ve noticed a common theme –…

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mind if I swipe? | meeting people online

Young couple in love. Budapest backdrop

Who remembers those ‘cyber safety’ videos you had to sit through in PSHE lessons at school?  You know the ones, where the 14 year old cute guy you were chatting to from the school down the road turns out to be a creepy bloke 3 times your age who wanted to abduct you after school on Friday.  They did a good job of scaring the life out of us at the time.  Never meant that we limited our Facebook friends…

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it’s a paradise it’s a warzone | young relationships

Heart drawn in chalk on gatepost

Ahh relationships, dates, sex, ‘we’re-kind-of-a-thing’s…  Zayn got it pretty damn right didn’t he?  Paradise, warzone, yep.  I’m a pretty observant person, and tbh the main thing I’ve noticed/heard over the last few years is that everybody wants something different.  Just to make these late teen/early 20s years even more confusing.  And that’s before you even consider the damage that social media can do.  It’s surprising how different people’s ideals are.  No wonder these years are a paradise/warzone – making it…

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memorable for the right reasons | holidaying with a partner

Teen girl wading into sea wearing wetsuit

We’ve all had our fair share of travel related disasters and stresses haven’t we?  I mean, sometimes I can’t even make it half an hour away without doing something daft, so it’s no surprise that going on holiday always brings its trials and tribulations.  Travel Supermarket asked me to add my twopence to the topic of ‘making holidays memorable for the right reasons‘ when travelling with a loved one – always an interesting experience!  I’ve written a few posts about…

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