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A High Street Shopping Experiment | Where The Nice People Are Round 2

Yonks ago, back in what feels like the blogging dark ages, I wrote a blog post about where the nicest shopping experiences were to be had.  Just as a little experiment to show appreciation for the friendly people who make your day that bit nicer.  And yesterday I decided 3 years down the line to do High Street Experiment Round II, with different shops, and see where had the friendliest staff and who made for the nicest experience as a…

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29 summer sale pieces you need in your life

I have a love/hate relationship with the summer sales.  Part of me thinks ‘Woohoo, summer stuff in the sales before I even go on holiday, bargain!’.  Part of me just finds it depressing that the shops are turfing out the summery clothes when we’ve had about 3 days of warm weather.  Well, I say that like I’m ever sensible and actually dress for the weather… and we all know that’s not true.  It’s like when the 21st of June passes…

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fashion, lifestyle

retail research | where the nice people are

Shopping is a far nicer experience when the retail staff are nice, right?  I’m guessing you’d all agree that friendliness makes a real difference.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing my own little retail research, to see where the most helpful and nicest shop assistants can be found.   Obviously this was only based on the specific staff, working on specific days, in specific branches, so elsewhere may be completely different! Quiz Clothing are currently full to the…

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