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19 | Another Year Older & Absolutely None The Wiser

For 2 more hours I can say IT’S MA BIRTHDAY so I’m gonna milk it whilst I can. 19 (going on 90) today!  As birthdays go I’ve had a pretty low key one because A) it’s a random Tuesday and B) I have a v. v. busy November anyway.  I’ve had a nice evening with the fam, my dad’s disbelievingly said “NINEteen, bloody hell” over and over, and I’ve received some lovely presents (including the best boots EVER that I can’t wait to feature in every outfit post in the forseeable future), so all is good.  Just hoping/waiting to hear that Trump isn’t US President and the world isn’t forever doomed now.

So yes, I am now nineteen and that seems incredibly old because next year I’ll be in my twenties and what the actual hell how did that happen?  But then again, I exhibit pensioner-like characteristics on a daily basis so maybe I need accept my old age lol.  Very strange that in some ways I feel like I’ve always been a bit of an old soul and apparently have my ‘head screwed on’ (big compliment), but in some ways I don’t feel like an adult at all.  Probs never will so let’s not ponder that contradiction!

I feel like birthday blog posts are supposed to be some kind of reflective ‘how far I’ve come and what I’ve learnt’ shebang but I’ve written a few rambly ones along those lines lately already.  So I thought I’d do a twist on the idea of ‘another year older, another year wiser’, and list a number of ways in which I’m absolutely none the wiser.  Seems like an easier list to compile tbh!   Although one thing I have learnt is to keep an eye on Missguided’s 50% off flash sales and grab a fabby dress or two whilst you can…


… Absolute yes to this super flattering, super ‘me’ coloured, perfect length perfect fit midi.  Had to snap some outfit photos whilst in Wales last week – we did stay in The Best Blogger House There Ever Was, after all!



dress: Missguided


— Still haven’t learnt how to style a fringe that looks reasonable for more than 10 minutes.  Damn you, flicky hair.

— I still foolishly believe that people will do for you what you do for them.  Newsflash: they won’t (necessarily).  Effort guarantees nothing.  But people can still surprise you.

— I can’t make a realistic to-do list to save my life.  There’s ambitious and then there’s just plain ridiculous.

— Yet to sit behind the wheel of a car.  I’ll get round to learning at some point!



— I’ve not learnt my lesson that some people are all talk, and will say what they *think* you want to hear to try and get what they want.  I still (kinda) fall for it.

— Still haven’t made a checklist for when I go away that will stop me forgetting obvious things and getting in a flap.   Anybody fancy writing one for me?

— I haven’t learnt not to wear clothes that drive me mad.  Yes, those black jeans don’t fit and drove me mad the last 50 times I wore them.  No, they will not miraculously become brilliant.  SLOW LEARNER OR WHAT?



— One day, one day, I might remember every single battery and SD card and charger and case I could possibly need.  Maybe.

— My ability to trip over thin air has not dwindled.  Throw in some paving stones and I am guaranteed to be flailing.

— Last but not least, I haven’t sussed a failsafe method for microwaving porridge without it bloody exploding.  For the love of god can somebody help me on that one.

The list could go on (and on, and on) but I’ve a pile of new books I want to devour in bed so I’m gonna sign off.  Here’s to hoping 19 is a good one!

lily kate x

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