I think about clothes too much


Gonna be sticking with the cosy jumpers for a while yet!  My family seem to know my taste so well; this one’s a christmas present from my Nannie and it’s very ‘me’.  She said she’d been reading all my posts and read that I’m obsessed with polonecks. 😛  We make it easy us bloggers, don’t we?  The slightly-short-but-not-cropped length is just right on me too.  Another one that’s had more than plenty wear in it’s short time in my wardrobe.


jumper: New Look | skirt: H&M | boots: Primark

First time these boots have graced the blog even though I’ve had them a little while.  I tend to stick with Primark for heels seeing as I don’t wear them mega often to whittle the cost-per-wear ratio down, and these shoe boots with a little gold detail are my current favourites.  They’re just low enough that I can walk perfectly easily, which is always a bonus!  Not that I can’t walk in high heels, but you know that point where you feel yourself walking differently?  It’s like there’s a critical height or something haha.  Below it and you’re perfectly safe; go higher and you’re in the realm of achy feet and weird walking.  (Or maybe that’s just me)



There’s something to be said for the winter uniform of black tights!  I love my wacky tights too but these work best sometimes.  Plus, Primark hasn’t started selling fleece lined multicoloured, patterened, or lacy tights, yet. 😉  Some people talk about adopting a personal ‘uniform’ of sorts once they don’t have one dictated anymore, but I don’t think I’ve slipped into that yet.  Still wearing reasonably different outfits, as you can probably tell by the hillbilly one day and pale pink the next.


I’ve realised lately just how often I actually think about clothes, and kinda shocked myself tbh!  Not in a materialistic way, just that outfits genuinely interest me a lot.  I’m not too fussed about following trends unless it’s one I really like anyway, but I love spotting trends in what others are wearing, and observing how fashion (of the ‘normal people’, not catwalk, variety) changes over time.  Peoplewatching basically!  I quite often find myself just watching everyone go by.  For example I’ve noticed loads more girls my age-ish lately wearing long and knee high boots, whereas I’m sure last year they weren’t really worn that much amongst teenagers.  Dressing ‘grown up’ seems to be more popular haha.




I’ve only been back at college 2 days but thankfully I’m feeling lots more on top of things already!  Puts me in such a better frame of mind when I don’t feel like I have stuff hanging over me, whatever ‘stuff’ may be.  Looking forward to my day at home tomorrow mind you!  It’s great having just the one day midweek to get yourself together.  Might go for a nice long run too. 🙂  What are your plans for the week?

lily kate x
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