For the love of pink and all things girly

I never used to be a pink girl.  I’d avoid it at all costs tbh.  I was a big ol’ tomboy and rejected anything that screamed ‘girly’.  My reasons why were a little odd – it wasn’t that I rejected being a girl – but I wrote about that all here so I won’t repeat myself.  My tomboy days are well and truly over and these days you’ll see me more often than not in a ‘feminine’ outfit with at least a splash of pink or red somewhere on my person.  Might only be lipstick but y’know, it’ll probably be there somewhere.

There’s been a surge in androgynous clothing lately, which is great for those who feel most confident in something gender neutral and there are girls out there rocking the masculine tailoring like nobody’s business.  But I’ll always have a thing for the girly pieces.  Be it in pink form, frilly form, lacy form – you get the idea – I’ll always be a fan.  Absolutely loving the ruffles, ruffles EVERYWHERE that’s going on atm.  It’s right up my street.

A sizeable chunk of my (colour co-ordinated) wardrobe is made up of clothes that would definitely fall in the ‘feminine’ category; that’s what I feel most confident wearing, so I’ll keep it that way.  That’s the main thing that matters, right?  Some girls feel their best and look fabulous in loose clothes or grungy styles, but what makes one girl feel fabulous can make another feel self-conscious.  My favourite outfits always feature at least one typically ‘girly’ element or it just doesn’t feel very ‘me’.  I like lace.  I like frills.  I like pink and red.  I like clothes that accentuate my waist – like this dress – and I prefer fitted shapes to anything too loose fitting.  I do like to be comfortable though, so this means stretchy jersey or drapey fabrics are my go-tos.  So whilst my personal style varies a little from day to day, there’s almost always a girly element to it.

dress: H&M | shoes: New Look | Watch: c/o Timex

Whilst I’ll always prefer IRL shopping to online (don’t think I’d have looked twice at this dress online but I loved it straight away in the flesh!) I’ll admit that there doesn’t come better procrastination than online shopping.  Particularly of the hypothetical variety.  Hands up who’s chosen a red carpet dress from Net-a-Porter for that nonexistent red carpet event you’re attending?  Thought so.  So you bet I’ve had a late night browse of some cute girly pieces I’d happily add to my collection.  No crazy hypothetical ones here though – all high street from shops I know and love.  Starting with pink pieces, obviously.

Can you tell I like pink shoes and shirts by any chance?  Pink and denim is just an easy winner.

Now browsing for frilly/ruffly pieces wasn’t exactly a difficult task seeing as there seems to be a competition on the high street for which retailer can fit the most ruffles on one item.  Must say I’m not a mega fan of the ruffly ankles thing, but give me a frilly sleeve or collar any day.  And yes yes yes to shirts having a moment.  All about that smart casual life.

Like I said I love waist accentuating items, and am a sucker for anything with a nice nipped in waist.  I mean this M&S shirtdress is just dreamy and I just want everything on this list ASAP.

*Insert obligatory ‘florals for Spring, groundbreaking’ comment here*.  Liking the big chunky prints more than the little ditsy ones this time round though.  And OH HI jazzy boots in summer shoe form.

I couldn’t possibly leave pleats out of a post about girly clothes, so here’s a selection of my current pleated faves.  I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pleated midi so maybe one of these should accidentally fall into my basket.

Just gotta refrain from adding these all to my basket now…

Lily Kate x

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