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bea29 Hello everyone, Lily here.

Whilst Joli House began back in 2007 as my mum’s blog, some of you may have noticed that many of the posts now are written by me. Guess I’ve grown up a tad since then and am a big girl who can blog herself now! However my mum isn’t disappearing altogether from the blogging scene, as she will now be writing about and sharing her beautiful photography over at amandafrancephotography.co.uk, as well as making guest appearances here at Joli House once in a while.

Naturally Joli House will stay true to it’s roots as a craft blog – where all my designs and other creations shall be shared – but to keep things real I’ll also post about all the other stuff: friends, school, boyfriend, food, travel etc. I promise not to bore you to tears with tales of homework and revision, or pictures of my breakfast every morning!


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    3rd September 2013 at 3:06 pm

    Hi Lily! I have noticed that you have taken over the shop. So now it is official. Excellent. It has been a bit quiet here though and I look forward to checking in to get the updates on your knitting and life in general.

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    3rd September 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Welcome baaaack!
    I love this picture of you. Hope to see your mum pop in from time to time too. You have both been missed!

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