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the Be Thankful cardigan

Christened the Be Thankful cardigan long before corona was a thing, but it turns out the name is rather appropriate. Always something to be thankful for even in the weirdest of times, right?

I began knitting this cardigan last summer, back in the day when you could go places and see people. We’d spent 5 or 6 days on a quiet beach in western Scotland near where my family live, and this yarn sat on the shelf in the caravan the whole time. It just sat there, whilst I was chilling with family / running on the beach / eating pancakes or whatever. That feels so long ago! I had plenty of ideas for this tweedy shade, but wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn for any of them, so on the shelf it remained. On the drive home I finally bit the bullet and cast on with a loose idea of how I wanted the finished cardigan to look, only to discover in the end that I only needed 8.5 of the 10 balls I had so I could’ve just cracked on a lot sooner.

That was a boring story wasn’t it? Games of Yarn Chicken are about as exciting as life gets these days. That journey home turned out to be quite memorable though, as the typically 6-7 hour journey took 9, in the most horrendous downpours I think I’ve ever witnessed in the UK. We were most grateful to finally pass the Rest And Be Thankful point in the highlands near Loch Lomond. Hence the cardigan name. Thankful then for passing the Rest and Be Thankful, and thankful now for family / sun / health / knitting / wine.

The loose idea in my head turned out pretty nicely, I’d like to think! Summer cardigans are extremely useful in the UK and it’s probably my most worn item at the minute. Much as I love my little cropped tops we just don’t have the weather for them *that* often, but a cropped(ish) cardigan feels like a nod towards summer that’s far more practical. 75% wool and 25% hemp is just the loveliest Spring blend to wear too. Aran weight is light enough to be comfortable but thick enough to knit quickly – always a bonus. The cardigan knitting pattern is available today, just in time for Summer.

Head over to the Ravelry page for the pattern, yarn info, construction sizing, and test knitter photos. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out with this one!

Lily Kate x

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