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It’s been a while since the last guest post around here!  Since I want this blog to be a diary to look back on rather than just a record of what I’ve worn and brands I’ve worked with, I bring you a slightly unconventional one today.  By George of ‘can I write a blog for you‘ Joli House fame, and sidekick James.  Well, it kind of worked out the other way round, but never mind.  The starting topic (given by yours truly): What You Don’t Get About Girls.  Quickly deviated from that one though!  Interviewing 17 year old boys is kind of like interviewing frogs in that they’re all over the place, so bear with.  The ‘interview’ (that sounds ridiculous haha) started as a group messenger on Facebook, and ended up us all round at my house ‘interviewing’ and laughing about old stuff and catching up at 11pm on a Sunday night.  As you do.  Oh and the Chuckle Brothers image is because I don’t have any recent photos of the two of them, so y’know, had to improvise.  If your tastes sway more toward conservative, there are other posts on this blog you’re probably better off reading.  Without further ado, the (slightly abridged, but not much ’cause keeping it real) interview, for those of you who care for an insight into the mind of almost-adult-age boys:

George:  Why do girls care if you see them in underwear but not a bikini when its practically the same thing?  Also what the hell is the point in thongs haha.  And why are all girls emotional?  Why do chickens lay eggs

**See what I mean about the frogs?**

Lily:  Gonna have to explain that metaphor George

James:  The point of thongs is they’re v nice to look at and there is no vpl if you’re wearing tight clothes.

Lily:  James knows the girly things!  And the ‘point’ is kind of that there is no point.  Just like there’s no ‘point’ in lacy underwear rather than just plain.  Re: emotions, I’d say I’ve met a fair few emotional guys!

George:  I like lacy underwear

Lily:  Girls feel like they’ve got it together if they’re wearing a nice set of matching underwear.  It’s not about impressing someone

Lily:  Are relationships a good idea at our age?

James:  Probably not the best person to ask right now hahaha

George:  I think anything under 16 is pretty pointless, its a small percentage of people that stay in a relationship for over about 3 years , it just doesn’t work as we are still growing and finding ourselves etc etc, v soppy! but if you feel that you love someone then why not give it a shot but I’m enjoying being single atm

George:  What catches your eye?

Lily:  Smiles & grins, defo

George:  You like boys who smile

Lily:  Well the full on grin thing will catch my eye, people who actually look like they’re enjoying themselves

George:  Everyone smiles though at some point

George:  Looks or personality?  What is your favourite book/film?

Lily:  Apparently I have quite a quirky taste in looks anyway, so typically ‘good looking’ might not be my thing.  NGL tall guys tho

George:  6″3 here !!!  lol jk

George:  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

James:  Bahamas, and in a girl I initially look for looks, gotta be at least 9/10 for me

George:  Tight

James:  Shouldn’t we do this interview face to face?

Lily:  I like your honesty james

George:  Yes a vlog!!!

James:  Once the initial attraction is there, then I’ll dig deeper

George:  Most people do though don’t they, they lie if they say its all about personality

Lily:  Well I’ve got a GoPro here until tomorrow

George:  Not a place in general but a three month long road trip through every state in america in an RV

James:  And to get past just attraction they gotta be nice, be incredibly affectionate as I’m like a puppy, funny, have something about them like a talent

George:  Just answered my own question

George:  I agree james

Lily:  hahaha I’d say pretty much the same George!  Read my mind

James:  Oh yeah that’s my dream holiday too but place I proper wanna go Bahamas

Lily:  Booked in then

George:  We will do a holiday vlog and go to America

Lily:  Not sure I could cope with you two in an RV for 3 months

George:  Course you couldn’t, you’re going in a tent

James:  I’d kill George

James:  So what’s happening with this blog post

Lily:  I’m gonna put this into a post tonight **I didn’t**

George:  What exactly do you want and we will provide?

Lily:  More questions!

George:  Us asking or you asking us

Lily:  Either, you first

James:  I thought it was gonna be a meet up and chat thingy

George:  You ask us for three!!! We ask you three!  James we have deadlines to meet!!

James:  Do we?

Lily:  You can have a series James!  This is just pt1

James:  Would a girl prefer big boobs or a big bum

George:  James we need questions that will result in an in-depth answer!  Not one word

Lily:  Personally rather have bum

George:  Ditto Lily

James:  Why do most girls wear so much makeup?  I prefer less.  How does a blog series work?  What do we have to do?

Lily:  What do you mean by ‘loads of makeup’?  Give me an example, do you think I wear a lot of makeup?  And we can just have regular Q and As

George:  Lily you dont.  We will have to meet up at some point

Lily:  Yes we will, tomorrow

Lily:  Next question anyway!

George:  If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

James:  It’s probably best lily if you ask us the questions you want answering and we’ll give you the average guys perspective on the matter

George:  We need long answers James

Lily:  What do you really not like in a girl

James:  Ugliness.

George:  Small arse hahahahahahahhhaaaa.  Lily, lets stay away from girls for the time being, ask a long question

James:  George. Her blog her questions

George:  True but i want to answer a full A4 page

Lily:  Who inspires you and why?

James:  We should do this face to face it’d be so much easier

Lily:  Who do you look up to?  And when then?

George:  James we have no time!

James:  Is the deadline actually tonight?

Lily:  Come here tonight if you want, and it’s not an official one haha, I just wanted to post

George:  James pick me up, I’ll bring my laptop

[Half an hour later, ‘interview’ continues face to face and Lily transcribes]

George:  Where would you go if you could **George is determined we should answer this question.**

James:  Roadtrip of the USA.  Just Florida is same size as England, so there’s so much to see, and they’re not as fussed about health and safety as England so way better for adventures.  Then the Bahamas for chilling.

Lily:  Same and Scandinavia, so we basically all say an adventure holiday is ideal

James:  We should have typical ladies magazine questions like ‘boxers or briefs’.  Boxers all the way.  I like to feel snug

James:  What is Joli House?

Lily:  My blog…

James:  Yeah but I mean where did the name come from

Lily:  *insert answer here*

George:  You have three women to invite to a dinner party, who would you invite and what would you cook?  And one of them has to be over 40

James:  I know it’s superficial but the 3 I think are the most beautiful

Lily:  Your honesty is refreshing

James:  [After deliberation and unrepeatable comments] Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Nigella Lawson, Chloe Moretz.  She’s not classicly pretty but something about her is beautiful.

George:  Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Sandra Bullock, Emily Ratajkowski.  Or Jen Selter.

George:  What would you cook though?

James:  Beans on toast

George:  No that’s not acceptable, say what you’d pick if you had to order the same thing for them all from a fancy restaurant or something

James:  OK if we’re all eating the same then I’ll pick what I want, so soup of the day (always a good bet) followed by lobster.  I’ve always wanted to try lobster.  I don’t really know fancy food!

Lily:  What is it about Taylor Swift?

James:  She’s just amazing isn’t she?  Very beautiful, looks like she’s kinda weird, still actually goes round to friends houses and hangs out like a normal person

Lily:  Kendall or Kylie?

James:  Kendall.

George:  No Kylie!

**Can’t remember this bit, something was funny and I forgot to scribe for 5 minutes**

James:  All I need is love and affection, I’m literally like a puppy.  I’ll sit through French Opera if that’s your thing if you give me love and affection.

Lily:  Festivals and getting ‘close’ – would you do it?

George: Yes I f***ing would, you’re both smelly so doesn’t matter.  Living young wild and free [Waves arms in air]

James:  Right this is gonna sound really bad, but there’s this girl that pops up to me all the time, and she’s like a 3/10 in my perspective.  I never ignore her ’cause that’s just rude and mean.  But she pops up at midnight on a Saturday asking if we have any homework…

Lily:  What do you make of girls making a first move then?

James:  OMG absolute dream.  I have no game, I’m fiercely afraid of rejection, and it’s just too nerve wracking.

Lily:  Doesn’t come across too forward then?

James:  No no no, it’s the absolute best.  I’ve never popped up first ever.  Girls I go for are out of my league anyway, I punch above my weight.

[Insert discussion of exes that won’t be repeated ’cause that would be mean]

James:  ‘She was a mistake’.

James:  Why don’t more girls pop up first?

Lily:  The fear of having a group of lads talking about you and laughing, really.

Lily:  What about a girl making the first physical move?

James:  Again a dream, takes the nerves away.

Lily:  What if you didn’t fancy her?

James:  I wouldn’t reject someone that would just be too embarrassing and horrible.  I’d kiss her back.  Can you imagine that kind of rejection though?  My confidence would be crushed if that was me, I’d go hide in a dark room and cry for a week. I’d save them the embarrassment.  You’d rather just not be asked for a second date than get physically rejected on the spot wouldn’t you?  Films are so misleading.  They make everything look so easy.  High school sweethearts?  Fuck right off, that happens for like 1 in 1000.

James:  What’s your ideal girl?

George:  Any colour hair, nice bum, could be completely flat chested, long hair

James:  Yeah same, couldn’t do short hair

Lily:  Why not?

James:  It’s more feminine

George:  They’ve got to like dogs and Ben & Jerry and ice cream, and like beer and rugby erm…

Lily:  Do you like waking up with a girl?

James:  Yes it’s amazing, waking up at 4am, all groggy and sleepy, turning around and seeing her there like ‘wow’.  It’s such a nice feeling having someone else there that you love.  Like the nicest moment in life, that something as simple as sleeping can feel that great with someone there, that you love.  Not with a randomer though, not that I’ve done that.  And now I’ve had it, it’s shit when you’re on your own.

George:  I found my dream girl in Spain. She was working at the tennis counter.  She’s called Vanessa.  Anyway I want to answer some proper questions!

James:  You just have a big mouth, or I can articulate better.

Lily:  Is the thrill of the chase a ‘thing’?

James:  Never really had a chase.

George:  Yeah.

Lily:  What confuses you most about girls?

George:  Moodswings and hairgrips.

Lily:  What do you think of girls who post loads and loads of pictures of themselves?

James:  If it’s of themselves, fine.  If it’s just food, piss off.  Then again all selfies would be pretty boring and can get annoying if they’re not very pretty – don’t put that in!!!  I’m so superficial but you can’t deny that looks matter.  I’d still be friends if I didn’t think they were pretty, and once you have the attraction then you would dig deeper.

Lily:  Would you do things for ‘lad points’?

James:  No, my group aren’t like that.  I don’t care what other lads perceive me as.  Life’s too short to worry about what other people think.  It’s nice to please people yeah…

Lily:  You’re quite old fashioned though aren’t you?

James:  Is that a bad thing?  I’d never brag about something with a girl to friends, I wouldn’t act like it’s a conquest.  You know, I hope I have a son one day… if I have a girl I’m gonna cry.  If you have a baby girl, you have every dick in the world to worry about, if you have a baby boy, you only have one to worry about.  Well, besides your own.  I know it’s double standards but she’s my little girl!

[Phone rings]

George:  Ooh it’s my dad.  Leave it

Lily:  What would hurt you the most?

James:  Being cheated on.  By someone you were in love with.  Make sure you put that bit in, it’s important.  Even just a kiss would hurt so badly.  I’d quite happily chop off my left testicle for someone I was in love with.

Lily:  Older girl or younger?

James:  At this age, only a year either way.

George:  3 years above.

Lily:  What about being our age and going away to uni and stuff- would it stop you getting together with someone?

George:  I’d try to not let it, but it would.

James:  If it was really serious like you could genuinely see yourself marrying them in the future then yeah, you should do everything to make it work.  If it’s not that serious then let it go, fate might bring you back together, cliche as that sounds.  Don’t stop your life just cos they went away.

[James and George have to leave – interview ends]

Anybody have any more questions for George and James?

lily kate x

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  • Reply
    11th August 2015 at 9:23 am

    Aww, some cute answers there!! James is adorable!! Nice to know that there are some gentlemen out there in the world!!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      12th August 2015 at 12:26 pm

      They’re good lads aren’t they! Well done for reading the whole thing haha 😀

  • Reply
    12th August 2015 at 3:10 pm

    This conversation had me in stitches! I do think George and James sound more civilized than. I remember boys being at 17, but maybe I never talked to any myself until university, so how would I know?

    To James who wishes for a son, maybe I should ask my man how it is. I have two girls who are stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous, and I do feel worried all the time about the big bad world. My man enjoys being in a houseful of women though, going to the oyster bar with this baby girl. He would have a beer, she would have a bottle of expressed breast milk. All the pretty young women would cluster around, saying what a great dad he is. a bit of a bonus after all those sleepness nights.

    Questions for the boys: attractiveness – do you consider yourselves attractive and what are you doing to enhance your appeal to these 9/10 women. Do you post tons of photos of yourselves? Or do you go the photos of food route.

    On another note, my bras never match my pants. I am of the opinion that men do not care/notice but maybe I am wrong.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      15th August 2015 at 2:56 pm

      It had me in stitches too! They can sound civilised when they want to haha 😉

      Your daughters are indeed gorgeous! Beer/expressed breast milk, same thing. 😛

      I’ve passed on the questions! The boys will be back soon with answers 😀

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