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everything I made in 2019 & plans for 2020

Happy New Year, one and all! It’s only the 9th of January and I didn’t pop in to say Merry Christmas either but OH WELL. Here we are. Hope you had a lovely end of 2019 whether you celebrated or not, and that 2020 has been kind so far. Mine is resolution free but off to a good start nonetheless. Since my plan is to continue with the crafty posts on the blog this year, it made sense to start on that note. 2019 was the year I properly got back into the swing of things with all things textiley and creative, and I actually surprised myself with how much I’d made when I piled (most of) them up in December.

everything I made in 2019

3 squishy jumpers – my Anyday Sweater, Allday Sweater (both available to download), and a stranded yoke design that hopefully won’t be too far behind.

3 cosy cardigans – the good old Bobble cardigan that came everywhere with me, a hemp cardigan that I only just finished, and a huge warm brioche stitch design that’s currently out with test knitters.

2 bright camis – one using the brightest of bright silk from the stash, one using a 90s Rowan pattern in the shades of a Fab lolly.

2 spring tops – one white cotton with blue accents, one navy alpaca.

1 personalised toddler hat – no photos, but it did look cute on Frank until he outgrew it!

2 cushions – because sometimes you want to lie on your knitting rather than wear it.

3 gifted mens hats – for when the men in my life request knitted gifts but I don’t fancy knitting a size 13 pair of socks.

1 puff sleeve top – the knit that receives the most compliments! SO many people stroked my sleeve when I wore this at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

3 super chunky hats – and 3 free knitting patterns to go with them.

1 baby cardigan – any excuse to make cute little baby things!

3 pairs of baby socks – see above.

1 pair of mittens – a simple stashbuster project, Motorway Mittens pattern on Ravelry here.

and 1 headband. Because I fancied trying out my new Japanese stitch pattern book.

Quite a few stitches! Some super duper chunky that were finished in no time, some itty bitty and fine that were on my needles for absolutely ages. I love both equally. 2019 was also the year I started my @lilykatemakes account on Instagram, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a dedicated space to talk about my crafty endeavours without boring followers of my main account to tears! It’s been great to connect with so many likeminded people and be inspired daily by all the beautiful knitting (and sewing… and crochet) out there in the world.

crafty plans for 2020

SEW MORE. Number 1 on the list because last year I bought a sewing machine and barely used it (only for the above mentioned cushions and a few alterations) so this will be the year I put that right! Especially as I now have a dressmakers’ model too, so pinning things together and making garments that fit perfectly should be far easier.

— Make more wearable summer garments. Much as I love my strappy little cropped tops, I do live in England, and my most worn knits this summer were a cotton hoodie and my Big Wool bobble cardigan. Turns out sweaters that can be worn with layers in winter and with shorts in summer work best for me, so that’s *probably* what I should spend my time making.

— That said, I would like to make one or two totally indulgent knits. Items where I can indulge myself design-wise without giving too much thought to how many people might knit it – challenge projects to make beautiful pieces!

Work on my sketching skills. Every design starts with a sketch and a swatch: sometimes a half-decent one that makes me think I’m not too bad at this designing lark, and sometimes an absolutely awful one that doesn’t look like it’s going to lead anywhere remotely nice. I received new sketchbooks, pens, and a book on fashion illustration for my birthday and Christmas so hopefully by the end of 2020 my skills will have improved.

I could carry on but will draw the line there! What do you plan to make in 2020?

Lily Kate x

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