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happy little bird | the cutest silver handbag

Silver handbag against denim shorts

This girl needs all the help she can get in feeling fresh and energised atm.  Coffee intake is at an all time high right now!  Coffee aside, bright, ‘happy looking’ clothes and accessories help too, weirdly.  Yep, totally just made up the phrase ‘happy clothes’ but I’m hoping you know what I mean!  Slobby items in dark colours = not happy clothes.  For me anyway.  Shiny bags and bright white shirts and short shorts because waheyyyy summer = happy clothes.  Anything to perk up the overall look. 😀


I’ve become kinda magpie-like with shiny things lately.  Half my textiles final piece was made of mirrors and the love doesn’t end there!  Don’t think I’ll be donning a mirror dress myself any time soon but baby metallic bags with cute shiny birds?  Right up my alley.  This one’s by Yumi at House of Fraser.  I’m pro at fitting loads of miscellaneous stuff in a super tiny space too, so I can fit everything I need + 3 things I don’t even in the dinkiest of bags.  Life skills eh.


bag: c/o House of Fraser | shirt: thrifted (originally Zara) | shorts: H&M | sandals: New Look


Couldn’t not give this shirt a mention either.  It’s basically everything I want in a shirt and fits so well and is belted and was frickin thrifted so that makes it 10x better.  LOVE finding guilt free gems like this!  Sharp shirts and denim are a fab combo for the casual but pulled together feeling.







Oh and I wore this shirt today and ate carrot and coriander soup without spilling any down myself.  Pretty damn proud of that fact. 😀

lily kate x

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    19th May 2016 at 12:59 am

    Such a cute look! You’re super pretty <3


    • Reply
      lily kate
      20th May 2016 at 7:52 pm

      Thank you lovely!

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