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Retrome | The Rome Urban Retreat Hotel for Your Next City Break

Girl's reflection in front of wide rectangle mirror. Retro style hotel in Rome Italy.

So it’s a rainy bank holiday here in England, I’m drinking coffee (what’s new) and I’d very much like to be back in my cosy room in my Rome urban retreat hotel rather than at my desk right now.  Retrome, you were good to me!

Sadly that’s not the case, but at least I can kinda relive it through photos and my scribbly notes though, right?  Because I’d be on that plane this evening if I could.  I knew before setting foot on Italian soil that I’d love Retrome Rome based on how much I enjoyed myself at its sister hotel in Barcelona. (A lot, basically).  And I wasn’t disappointed!

The hotel turned out to be ‘the same but different’ to its Barcelona relative – smaller, just as quirky and friendly, and with the same generous offerings of tile porn. If you like your #FromWhereIStand and #IHaveThisThingWithFloors shots then you’re sorted. Even accidentally matched my trousers to the floor.

Just a giant Marilyn chilling in your bedroom.  Standard stuff.  (I stayed in the Vintage Romance Suite btw – each room is different!)  As you’d guess from the name the theme’s very much retro, and each room has a unique selection of vintage bits and bobs to add to the feel.  Along with the retro stuff comes a modern smart TV too, but I was too concerned with making the most of my outdoor exploring time to explore the gadgets much.

Geometric patterned floor tiles

Of course a mini kitchen is handy for when you’re too wiped out to go out for dinner!

With such a jam packed itinerary to make the most of my 3 days in Rome, I wanted somewhere A) central and B) perfect to (literally) crash in after long days of walking.  That bed’s gotta be good to flop on and comfy to sleep!  Retrome ticked both boxes once again of course.  For city breaks I like to be right in the thick of it (especially to avoid long journeys home alone at night) and with the Colosseum just around the corner you couldn’t really get more central.  Became a casual thing to just nip past the Colosseum on my way from A to B.  You know, as you do.  Handy for the metro station too of course!

Couldn’t make it through 2 Rome blog posts without a Fiat 500 shot could I?  Despite its proximity to the Colosseum aka The Biggest Tourist Hub Ever, the Celio district was actually pretty chilled and quiet.  Not what you’d expect.

The hotel was close enough that attempting a 6am sunrise photo of the Colosseum seemed like a good idea (even after being awake for 21 hours the day before) so I guess you could say on the doorstep.  Never mind the fact that I turned up 2 hours early to see the sun peek through the windows and didn’t get the shot!  You get my point.  But if the streets were relatively chilled in the daytime, they were chilled in the extreme at 6am.  Good wandering time, in other words.  Just me, the occasional delivery man and a couple of florists seemed to be out and about.  I wanted to make an effort to notice and photograph areas other than the main attractions, and that golden hour morning light!  Perfecttt for all the warm peachy tones.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I quite liked my stay at Retrome and would 100% recommend it as a cute hotel in a fab location.  Thanks for having me guys!

lily kate x

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My stay at Retrome was complimentary, however all opinions are my own.


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    Emma Inks ☠⚡️
    20th April 2017 at 1:32 pm

    This place looks so quirky and cool it’s totally on my list if I ever get a chance to visit Rome

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