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thankful | what I’m grateful for from 2015


A very grateful and soppy post today! End of year gets me all nostalgic and that.  And some outfit kinda pics with a couple of my new Christmas pressies, but I’ll get to that later.  First, all the things I’m very, very thankful for in 2015 – some big, some small.

My family who have put up with me when I’ve been a pain in the ass and made mistakes.  They’ve always just been ‘there’ when I need it.  And ‘there’ every day just to sit and talk to – I really can’t imagine coming home with nobody to chat about my day to.  Very, very grateful for being so close to my parents!

Friends – both those I’ve known for years and know my personality inside and out, and those I’ve only gotten to know this year but have so many fun memories with already.  The kind you can be awake with at 4:30am looking an absolute wreck but talking for hours, aka the best kind.

People who have taught me to trust my instincts and not ignore underlying issues just because everything on the surface is all good.  Sometimes it’s nice to be that way and just have the good times, and I don’t think there’s any point regretting anything just because it doesn’t last.  Gives you something to keep in mind in future though.

Blog support, in many different forms!  My mum for being so patient with all the photography and being the person I can sound ideas of 24/7, especially.  Thank you to every single one of you readers, whether this post is the first you’ve ever read or the 600th.  Your feedback means so much to me, and I love our conversations in the comments!  More people asked me (IRL) about my blog this year and actually taken an interest in it, which makes me really happy too.  I no longer feel like I’m only writing to strangers and other bloggers, and no, it doesn’t make you stalker-ish at all!

The strangers on the trains who set my train (lol) of thought racing and given me inspiration, some without even speaking to me.  You have provided peoplewatching material for me to wonder about your lives, and for that I am thankful.

The strangers on the trains who DID speak to me, happily telling another complete stranger about their lives.  …The station masters who helped a panic-stricken 17 year old come up with a plan B to get across the country before 10am… the lady who had wasted a journey because she hadn’t been told her course was cancelled, but proceeded to give me a commentary of every town and village we passed… the woman who had taken her disabled daughter to the theatre in London and opened up about life looking after a child with disabilities and living in different continents…  the man who taught ballroom dancing to the professionals and told me what Strictly is really like behind the scenes… the man whose parting words were “nice to meet you, have a nice life“… and many others who I’ll likely never meet again.

Trust in me from the company who chose to employ a 17 year old to send across the country to visit huge companies and learn so much.  Having the opportunity to get an inside look into such an interesting industry was amazing.  The experiences of working in a creative office with group of people, hundreds of miles from home, is one I’m grateful to have under my belt already too!

Teachers who just ‘get’ how I work and will go to great lengths to help.  And have a laugh at the same time, importantly.

That’s just a short list, I could go on and on!  I’m thankful for everybody that will be coming into 2016 with me, too. 🙂



jumper dress and tights: Primark | bag: River Island



Onto that outfit at last then. 🙂  Tights and bag are new; dress and boots and cat in the background are not.  My love for wacky tights continues – fancy patterns or unusual colours are very ‘me’.  Well, I haven’t actually worn any of the emerald green / bright purple / red tights I own yet this winter, but there’s time.  My new bag is sure to get plenty of use this year too – it’s one of those that can go dressy or casual, which is always good!  Clutch bags look great for going out but I generally prefer something I can A) zip up properly and not be paranoid about my belongings and B) sling over my shoulder to have my hands free.  This one’s just right!  Mama knows me well. 🙂

And on that note, I think it’s about time I shut up and you tell me something you’re thankful for this year!

lily kate x

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