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It wasn’t intentional for some new activewear (or fit kit as I call it) to coincide with starting a new workout programme, but I nipped into Matalan whilst out for the day and this set somehow ended up in my basket.  NO idea how that happened.

I’m planning to do a proper detailed writeup about the programme I’m currently trying at the end of the 6 weeks when I’ll hopefully have some progress to show, but in short, I’m enjoying the challenge of pushing myself.  Goals-wise I’m aiming to gain overall strength (particularly in my upper body) and cut body fat a little – having a plan and nutrition guideline to stick to has given me the push I needed to up my game!  Like I said in this post on body image, I’m in no way unhappy with my body, but just want to try out a regular programme because I’ve never done so before.  So that’s my current plan.

As someone who goes to the gym pretty often – 5 times per week, currently – having a decent selection of aforementioned fit kit to throw on quickly is super important to me.  However it does seem that no matter how many pairs of trainer socks I own, I can NEVER find any (seriously, sock stealing fairy, what you playing at?) but never mind that.  Gym leggings are the most important item for me, so I’m always on the hunt for more pairs to add to my activewear collection.  This Power Ranger pair as they’re affectionately known are my current favourites!

Much as I’d like to wear shorts to the gym in summer, being tall means I can’t seem to find a pair that don’t turn into hotpants as soon as I even think about squatting.  Luckily with leggings the leg length doesn’t matter too much as I don’t mind an ankle grazer fit anyway.  By some miracle this pair are actually high waisted on me too – a rare occurence, I tell you!  It’s not very often that I wear only leggings and a sports bra in the gym, but I’m happy to have found a set that finally allows me to.

Over and over again I see other girls rocking the look but with my long torso struggle to find items that don’t look like I’ve just headed to the gym in my underwear – there’s a limit to quite how much belly I want to have out whilst I get my sweat on, you know?  Yes, built-in-bra completely squish your boobs and kinda feel like you’ve been mummified, but I much prefer a skin tight fit all over to baggy clothes that swish around as I move in the gym.  Not feeling that extra fabric. Personally I vary my gym outfit depending on what I plan to do that day – if I’m training upper body I want something sleeveless that won’t wriggle when I lift my arms, for example.  There’s no set formula of what works for when, I’ve just figured out a system that gets on my nerves the least and works for me!

At the end of the day you’re always going to feel your best (and most motivated) in something that makes you feel confident to workout – for some girls that might be shorts and loose tops, or joggers and t-shirts, or leggings and sports bras.  Sounds so cliché but it really does make a difference, and you’re bound to stand taller and prouder in something that feels right for you.

The leggings are now in the sale (annoyingly for me, great for you) and I can’t find the crop top on the website so I assume it’s sold out.  These are my first items of Matalan sportswear and I have to say I’m impressed!

Lily Kate x

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  • Reply
    14th July 2017 at 9:21 pm

    As a short bodied petite, I have the opposite problem re high waistedness – I own too many pairs of leggings that are practically boob height! Thank gawd for Adidas’ leggings!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      22nd July 2017 at 8:48 am

      Now that’s something I’ve never experienced! Maybe I should steer clear of Adidas leggings 😀

  • Reply
    15th July 2017 at 4:59 pm


  • Reply
    15th July 2017 at 7:59 pm

    I’ve noticed Matalan are doing some great activewear at the moment – this looks fab on you x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • Reply
      lily kate
      22nd July 2017 at 8:49 am

      They are aren’t they! Loving it. Thank you!

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