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I’m not massively a festivals person, as you could probably tell from the lack of… festivals mentioned on this blog.  Until now I’d never been to one nor felt particularly compelled to – I’m not into music that much so most of the band names would go straight over my head, and I’d heard more than a few festival horror stories.  An ‘intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space’  (to quote the website) though – well that’s a different kettle of fish, isn’t it?  This physics geek’s ears pricked up at that one.  A festival with the opportunity to both kick back in the sun whilst the bands are playing and listen to interesting science talks sounded right up my alley, and Bluedot was exactly that.

Obviously Bluedot festival is held in the grounds of a giant telescope, because duhh, where else.  I haven’t been to Coachella to know, but I’d say the Lovell telescope beats the Coachella ferris wheel any day!  Cheshire’s weather wasn’t quite on a level with California last weekend, but it was more than warm enough for us Brits to need the suncream so I can’t complain.   My dad and I only went for the Sunday but I still managed to come home with rather a lot of photos, so I’ve whittled it down as much as I can!  Can’t help myself in golden hour you see.

One of the official photographers asked to take my photo for the website and after talking for a couple of minutes he said “If there was a Venn diagram of people who’d be interested in this festival, you’d be right in the middle”.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.  Astrophysics student, blogger, and lover of being outdoors in the sun made it a pretty perfect setup for me.

Whoever was selling these air filled sofas (chairs? beds?) must have made an absolute fortune.  So many of those things dotted around the fields!  Watching people try to fill them with air provided plenty entertainment (for us) too.

Food wise we weren’t short of choice, and there seemed to be options for many different diets too.  I’m incapable of saying no whenever Paella is mentioned so that decision was an easy one – I haven’t tried vegan paella before but it tasted great!

We tried guessing how high the Lovell telescope was but a quick Googling said we guessed nowhere near high enough.  That thing’s huge!  It’s really interesting seeing the things you learn about in lessons up close and in real life to really get a sense of scale.

Since I really am the least cool kid on the block and didn’t really know of many of the bands playing on Sunday I spent more time in the talks instead, with this ‘Big Question Time’ discussion panel on the topic of ‘Will we ever conquer the stars?’ being my favourite.  Shoutout to all the speakers who threw in a sly Trump related dig too.

I should’ve guessed that I’d bump into my fellow science geek bloggy pal Erin, but it was a nice surprise!  We used the golden hour opportunity for outfit photos, because bloggers.  Obviously.

As you can see, I didn’t embrace the whole ‘festival fashion’ thing too much.  Fairly sure I’d look a complete idiot if I tried!  This River Island dress felt perfectly loose and comfy all day.

I’m including this photo purely because I’m happy that I can see all those upper body workouts starting to pay off.  Go me!

Told you golden hour makes me a little snap happy.

Would I go again?  Definitely.  All in all I’d say Bluedot was the perfect festival for the girl who doesn’t really do festivals, or the person of any age (literally any – I saw people ranging from a couple of weeks to their nineties) who fancies a weekend that little bit different.

Lily Kate x

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Our tickets to Bluedot Festival were complimentary in exchange for a feature, however all opinions and geekery are my own.





  • Reply
    Eva Morina
    14th July 2017 at 11:39 am

    I Love this river island dress

  • Reply
    Ellie Dixon-Smith
    17th July 2017 at 9:35 pm

    You look gorgeous! We should totally go next year – I’ll aim to increase my science knowledge for then!! xxx

    • Reply
      lily kate
      22nd July 2017 at 9:01 am

      Thanks lovely! We should, you can geek out with us! hehe 😀

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