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the dreamiest Austrian lakeside hotel

I made no secret of how much I loved my time in Austria.  I’ve probably said so a good 50 times, so I’m sure you get the message by now.  However I’m not sure I’ve shown off the beautiful hotel I stayed in enough yet, so here we are.  Blog, meet Hotel Im Weissen Rössl.  Isn’t she a pretty one?

Staying in such stunning places makes me SO excited.  This huge, luxurious room?  For me?  Very lucky girl.  On arriving I only had 5 minutes to drop my bag off and check my room out before heading out for a bike ride, but I sure had a smile on my face for those 5 minutes.  I mean, a huge bed, with a huge bathroom, with a balcony view over a (rather large) lake and some huge mountains?  Yes please, I enjoyed that very much.  I’m typing this from my single bed, so you know.  Missing that starfishing room lots right now.

Before the trip I checked out the hotel on Google and Insta (because who doesn’t do an Insta scope-out these days) and most of the photos were of the pool, understandably.  So the interior was somewhat of a surprise – a lovely one, obviously.  Safe to say I was just a little bit happy with my view and room setup.

The pool really is the star of the show though.  Just look at it!  That view whilst you swim, oh my.  Obviously I had to make the most of our one free afternoon on this trip by chilling by the pool and taking a dip, and it’s going to take quite some swimming experience to top this one.   Since the pool is floating in the lake the floor wobbles when a boat goes past, and I found that way more of a novelty than I probably should.  I bet it’s such a cool experience (literally) being in the warm pool in a frozen lake in winter, too – do you have to keep dunking when your ears get cold?

Annoyingly, grey clouds rolled in whilst I was in the pool so I decided to head to my room to chill out instead, which was definitely a smart move; minutes later a ‘Dirndl Jumping’ event started involving men wearing traditional Austrian dresses jumping in the lake to lots of cheering.  Not quite sure what that’s about but it made for interesting entertainment!  Their fun was interrupted by a thunderstorm sweeping in over the lake but blue skies re-emerged shortly after and I assume the lake jumping recommenced.

Im Weissen Rossl (or the White Horse Inn, as it translates as in English) has been in business for over 500 years and expanded by taking over the neighbouring buildings, meaning the modern day hotel is full of twists and turns and quirks.  My room was ‘just over the bridge from reception’, which seems far more interesting than ‘third on the left of floor 2’.  Something I noticed about all the hotels we visited was that the owners are always around and chatting to guests, which made the whole experience extra special.

Yours truly is no food critic so I’m not sure how to describe the food other than OMG SO GOOD.  We ate fresh fish from the lake several times and needless to say it was ridiculously tasty.

So if my first post managed to convince you that you need to go to Austria, I hope this one has given you an idea where to stay!

Lily Kate x

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My stay was complimentary as part of a press trip with Thomson Lakes & Mountains, however all opinions are my own.





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    8th July 2017 at 6:30 pm

    The view from that pool looks incredible! So scenic x


    • Reply
      lily kate
      22nd July 2017 at 8:46 am

      I don’t think I’ll ever visit a pool that tops this one! Such an amazing place 🙂

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