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Smiling teen girl wearing jeans and white high neck cropped top


Who even wears knee length jeans though?  Besides boys and 10 year olds that is…  Must say these are the first pair I’ve seen on a shop shelf in ages!  I spotted these when browsing in Select a couple of weeks ago, liked the idea, thought they’d look awful on me but tried them on anyway.  Just because.  With the hems turned up a couple more times I quite liked them.  This outfit of Baby’s in Dirty Dancing sprang to mind because yes I am that sad that I remember all her outfits and my DD obsession is still going strong.  Probably won’t die off any time soon.  Of course the white trainers were mandatory too, and I tried a tied white shirt to truly copy good ol’ Frances (only fellow fans will understand) but mine was too baggy and just didn’t look right so I gave up on that dream.


Of course as soon as I’ve found myself a new summery(ish) item, we have a grim week of rain, what other way could it be?  I need more ideas for wearing these though.  I do believe they’re called pedal pushers?  I’ve already added a few pinup/rockabilly kinda styles to my SS15 Pinterest board, just not sure yet whether I’d look like an utter tit playing dressup or whether it’d be fun anyway.  I am getting quite into this vintage-y thing at the minute. We’re fond of playing dressup round these parts, don’t you know!


jeans: Select | top: Topshop | shoes: New Look


Not embracing the permed fringe any time soon either!  My God am I glad that trend didn’t hit my generation.  Funny though how we can look at trends from decades ago in utter bewilderment, but there are probably loads of styles we wear now that’ll seem crazy to our kids and their kids.  I’m thinking that looking back at our teenage selfies will be an entertaining one in the 2060s!  Imagine seeing selfies taken by your gran in the 1960s haha.


Andddd it’s now nearly 10pm and I’ve barely stopped all day!  Workout before college; revision lessons; staying late for an hour and a half after college in textiles; maths papers at home (shoutout to my maths teacher who helps over twitter!) and now I’ve had my tea and a shower and the day’s ran away with me.  Lunchtimes with friends and 20 minutes here and there having a brew is much appreciated. 🙂  Defo giving myself a Friday night of freedom tomorrow!  One exam down, only 7 to go now anyway.  Can’t imagine doing 23 again like last year, ugh!

So, anybody any other denim to share?

lily kate x

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  • Reply
    Laura Smth
    8th May 2015 at 12:03 pm

    I’ve just gone and brought these trousers, I love them!

    Lovely Pics.

    Laura xo


    • Reply
      lily kate
      9th May 2015 at 1:45 pm

      You’ll love them even more when you try them on! Thank you 🙂

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