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Limited edition Steiff bear with gold glitter detail and angry face


Random thoughts from my week!  Just whilst I’m sitting on an (outdoor) reclining deckchair in the spare bedroom.  As you do.  Few pre-exam bizarre thoughts and other things that have crossed my mind.

I should probably stop saying ‘if that topic comes up, I’ll choose the other question’ roundabout now.  Doesn’t really help when you say that about one topic, then the next, then the next.  And there are only 3 questions to choose from.

The first item my mum ever bought me (when she found out she was pregnant) is quite possibly the angriest looking Steiff teddy bear in existence, I realised when seeing it on my windowsill this week.  Those evil eyes!

There’s always one question you gotta know what everybody else put.  ‘How many washers did you get?’ was this week’s physics EMPA one!  Not exactly promising when every single person wrote something different though…

I just love being seated centre front, right under the invigilators’ noses, with gale force draughts blowing through for my first ‘real’ exam.  Who wouldn’t love that?

*(Whilst at Metafit this morning)* What the *&£% are gorilla crawls?… Pretty sure everybody else in the class didn’t have a clue either!  God knows what anyone would’ve thought if they saw the whole lot of us launching ourselves around in some bizarre hopping/downward-dog style fashion across the studio floor.  Keeps it interesting I guess!  I’m still trying different gym classes and finding my faves.  Metafit is bloody hard work but only half an hour so I can struggle through!

I see something on Instagram, and immediately wanna eat it.  Just saw some random gal’s sweet potato lunch and there ya go, instant craving.  *Goes to check fridge*  We haven’t got any sweet potatoes.

Shiz is 100% together when you’re wearing matching underwear for a day at home.  Super comfy matching underwear, but matching nonetheless.

Now is not the time to get into Gossip Girl.  She who never watches TV would pick exam time to start watching the most addictive series known to man.

Teachers have started asking about our plans post-college because they’re writing our references and realised I should probably decide pretty soon what I wanna do for the next 3/4 years.  Defo Open University, but I’m still undecided on what subject.  Anybody done history, maths or physics (separately or combined) through distance learning and have any advice to share?  Or just done any of those subjects through any university would be helpful, tbh.  I can’t make my mind up!

lily kate x

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    12th May 2015 at 5:27 pm

    That bear needs his own Instagram. He’d put that pesky cat in the shade! 😉

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