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november writing challenge | day 4 | conversation


“What was the best conversation you had today?”

Umm… I’ve had lots of conversations!  I wonder how many people we actually speak to per day?  Today hasn’t involved anything groundbreaking, but it’s the little things that can brighten your day.  These questions are pretty awkward for making you pick favourites aren’t they?  Conversation wise, I actually love having 5 minutes on the phone to someone, purely for the sake of spending 5 minutes on the phone to them.  No real reason, nothing to ask, just a chat for chatting’s sake!  ‘How was your day’ is all it takes.

Actually speaking to someone and hearing their voice – by phone or in person – is honestly sooo much better than typed messages or texts.   I think so anyway.  🙂  I know some people aren’t a fan of phonecalls unless necessary but I love little chats, when you can talk about anything and everything and the other person just ‘gets’ you and does the same.  How quick does time pass when you’re on the phone though?  50 minutes later and you realise you’re still yabbering away.  Family and friends you’ve known for years are obviously one thing, but strangely enough, people you’ve only just met can be fabulous to talk to too.  Even whilst you’re still getting to know each other.  It’s surprising how you can feel like you’ve known someone so much longer, just by being used to the sound of their voice!

I’m a teenager, I’m on my phone texting all day duhhh.  Texts are great for filling time.  I can’t imagine not being able to contact someone – pretty much anyone – by written word via email, text, DM or whatever.  It’s weird to think that the only way people used to speak to each other (besides snail mail of course) was with actual, spoken, words.  How strange is that to imagine now?  I don’t know what I’d do without the internet or my phone, but I do think we miss out on actual talking.  Maybe it’s just me, I never shut up. 🙂

How about you – do you love to talk for the sake of talking too?

lily kate x
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**Photo doesn’t exactly fit what I’m on about, but I’m yet to be snapped whilst on the phone!**

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