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november writing challenge | day 5 | loving your job

“Do you love your job?”

I’m guessing these questions were written for those slightly older than me!  As a full time student I obviously don’t have a career, but I’ll do my best.  All about the loose interpretations. 🙂

Newer readers may or may not know that designing knits is kinda my thing (I rambled about it all here.  I’ve been published in UK and US magazines, books and online platforms, and sold my designs on Ravelry too.  It’s not a ‘job’ as such, but more of a little side thing I do as and when!  ATM I’m not doing much in the way of designing (although I do have one to be released at Yarn Stories‘ next issue), because, well, time.  However, when I am coming up with ideas, making the designs, writing the patterns etc. etc, it barely feels like work anyway, so I guess I’m lucky with that.  Making my own clothes and things is what I’d choose to do as a hobby anyway, as you’ve probably gathered!  It’s the creative side combined with the more technical that I like: arty farty making clothes but with numbers behind it.  Suits my brain perfectly, anyway. *geek*


And obviously I don’t have any kind of set working hours either: if I’ve a project on the go, I work on it when I can, sometimes for hours and hours at a time, and sometimes just 20 minutes.  Couldn’t really get more convenient than ‘working’ from bed at 10pm when I want to! The internet has provided me with a way to make a little money over the last 4 years or so, without a regular  evenings/weekend job to get in the way.  So yeah, I can hardly call designing a job, but I do love it.

**photo is my first magazine published pattern from October 2010, available to download here.  Still the same fringe as when I was 12, hmm…**


Also, I have just about the perfect mini Saturday job ever helping out with the younger classes at dancing.  Again, it doesn’t feel like work!  I’m with the very same teachers that have taught me since I was in those pre-primary classes.  Now that we’ve started practicing for the next show I have all their dances to learn plus all of my own, and the few hours on a Saturday morning is perfect for me.  Helping out roughly translates to getting 20+ 4 year olds into lines and skipping, galloping and fairy running in circles, etc.  It’s a bloody workout by the end of it!

lily kate x
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    5th November 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Hee hee! My litthe girl is not quite 4 and she started in September in ballet. It would be fun to have you helping out in class. My older daughter is 8 and things are getting serious. It would be nice to have you to look up to. Someone older, but still young really helps. We had a man teaching for the past couple of years and it was great, but alas, he has moved on!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      9th November 2014 at 10:07 am

      It sure would be fun! I love getting to know them all. I’ve had the same teachers forever!

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