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the Big Red Jumper | finally a new handknit

Could my jumper be any more obnoxiously garish?  I think not.  Pretty sure I’ve reached the height of Kids TV Presenter Chic with this one.  Spotted a chunky jumper pattern I liked, chose red yarn because it was there and why not, and several thousand stitches later here we are.  All the chunky knit goodness.  Evidently there was a red jumper shaped hole in my wardrobe and I didn’t even know it.

I can’t even remember the last garment I made that wasn’t a crochet bralet, so it’s nice to get back into the swing of making clothes again.  She says, after finishing one item… others are already on the needles, promise.  I used to make so many lovely items that were obviously unique to me and I haven’t done so as much lately, but I think it’s time to go back to where this whole bloggy business started with the handknits.  I’ll make them purely because I enjoy making and wearing, and I’ll share them because it’s a little more unusual than saying ‘here’s my new coat from H&M’.  Although I do have a new coat from H&M that I really want to share so watch this space for a 10/10 trench coat.

Obviously I like the finished items, but part of my reason for picking up the needles again is that it’s a far more productive use of time than aimlessly scrolling through my phone and procrastinating at home.  Knitting is something to do when I’m just chilling out, CBA doing anything ‘proper’, but don’t want to completely waste my time.  Make something, problem solved!  For me projects like this require very little energy or concentration, so I can just pop my YouTube subscriptions on in the background and knit away.

This particular chunky monkey was from a Debbie Bliss pattern; I’m not usually one to shy away from doing a few calculations, but on this occasion I couldn’t be bothered making up a pattern myself and just followed a prewritten one instead.  Very happy with how it turned out, so that’s all that matters!  You’ve gotta love the instant gratification of a super chunky knit and I’m liking the statement looks ATM anyway.  I had no idea what colour I wanted to use, and only chose red because it seemed more appealing than the beige or black on offer, then over the following 2 days I saw approximately 673 blog posts about the red jumper trend so I must be more on the fashion ball than I thought.   Late-to-the-party-trend-follower Lily – who knew?  There may be 50 million red jumpers kicking around the high street right now but hey, at least mine is different.  And makes an absolutely perfect outfit for coffee and breakfast in a cute cafe, if I do say so myself.

Lipstick: Ciate Liquid Velvet in Diva

Thanks to Chameleon Cafe for a v yummy breakfast and not batting an eyelid when the big camera came out!

Lily Kate x

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