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More boots!  New Look asked if I’d like to join their ‘My Boots and Me’ campaign and obviously I was 100% game for that!  I pretty much live in boots over winter.  Mainly black ones too, so choosing a colour wasn’t exactly difficult.  Choosing a style, on the other hand – not so easy.  I deserve a badge for being the most indecisive person ever, I really do.  Over knee boots to replace this pair I wore to death?  More heeled black booties because a 3rd pair is 100% necessary?  Such first world problems.  What’s a girl to do.  I finally decided on a pair different to anything I already own, because why the hell not.  I fancied trying a slightly more 60s/70s look with blocky heels, so here we are!


Just a super simple look today, but knee boots work equally well with high-waisted skinnies as with a cheeky mini dress.  I’ve done the obligatory ‘try on 50 outfits and make a mess of bedroom’ to check. 🙂  I’m (unintentionally) looking a teensy bit equestrian today – nothing wrong with that but I’m glad I gave the blazer a miss.


Shiny gold heel peeking out here – always a fan of little details!


As for more ways to style these (we were asked to share our AW styling tips after all!) I’m fairly sure black boots would go with at least half my wardrobe. I’m thinking this fluffy blue miniskirt and chunky heels could work well in a ‘mod’ kinda way – might embrace the whole 60s thing and give myself Twiggy eyeliner whilst I’m at it. Jeans, boots, and dressy top is always a good restaurant outfit that’s slightly more toned down than regular heels. Girly dress, sheer tights, boots and leather jacket is a fave combo of mine too, so expect to see these lots over the next few months!


Boots: c/o New Look | Jeans: New Look | Blouse: Marks and Spencer


Token life update: that list of Christmas holiday goals I made what, 2 days ago?  Ticked off a few (Get merry – check!  Dress nice for the sake of dressing nice – check!) and not made the best head start on the rest.  Friday night was fun though!

lily kate x

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    19th December 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Ohh these boots are lovely! And yes, you do look a bit like you’ve just jumped off a horse. I love how you rock skinny jeans so well 🙂

    Corinne x

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