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Happy Thursday, from the girl who’s had an incredibly unremarkable day so is going to chat about clothes instead.  Doubt you’d want to know the ins and outs of my history coursework and maths core 3 mock would you?  Moving swiftly on…


… because what use is an #OOTD without a little chitchat about skirts and boots, eh?  Even if this one’s technically an Outfit Of Last Saturday, but I wasn’t feeling ‘OOLS’.  Could say this one’s my winter uniform (of sorts) – with coat and scarf and slightly purple hands to accessorise, obviously. I’ve seen plenty talk of ‘capsule wardrobes’ and ‘defining your style’ and all that, and despite the fact that I don’t think I could EVER reduce my wardrobe to ‘capsule’ sized, if someone forced me too, it would probably include something like this, ie. black tights, black poloneck, black boots, and an item or two of colour/pattern.  In winter, that is.  What happened to the gal who didn’t own an item of black?  I think she’d be disappointed and think I’d gone to the dark side or something.  Exactly what else would be in my capsule wardrobe I have no idea.  Indecisive, always.


Spot the kitty tail in the background!


skirt: New Look | boots: Dorothy Perkins | jumper & belt: Primark

Bearing in mind everything else is black and boring, let’s give this skirt a quick shout out.  Another one of mummy’s top birthday picks for me!  I like the print and the way it tapers and the fact that the waist actually sits high enough.  Tall girl recommendation from me!

lily kate x

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    27th November 2015 at 5:02 am

    So that is my problem! I wear low-rise jeans a lot and though tallish (a mere 5 5/8″ I guess I know lots of short people) I have not long legs.

    I have heard much of capsule wardrobes and I do not really buy it! For instance, a lot of the talkers are still making and buying clothes and looking for “gaps” in their wardrobe. Would the capsule not be full by now if one has been blogging about it for 3-4 years. Also all this paring down, and “deep style” talk is getting me down. Like why am I the only one wearing Flares and said low riders, a style which you once called, britney 2001, if I may borrow from you, when everyone else is in skinnies? They got new jeans! A ha! And sorry to break it to said bloggers in their 30s who ask themselves, “will I like it in 5 years?”, but I would ask instead, “will I still be the same size in 5 years?” Chances are – no.

    I tend to love chucking things out and I tend not to buy much, but I still do not think it is realistic to capsulize as a kind of lifestyle. People change. And it is not a bad thing to follow fashion. Just don’t break the bank. I also got rid of things that I regret, because they were not my style, like my mum’s hand crocheted granny square skirt in blacks and greys. Wouldn’t fit in the capsule I guess. It was gorgeous, but a very retro. I could totally wear that now, but most sad was the fact that she made it!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th November 2015 at 7:04 pm

      Capsule wardrobes for fashion bloggers don’t really make sense do they! That would be a seriously limited number of outfit posts. As for flares, I’ve tried quite a few pairs but they’re always too short!

      I’d love a hand crocheted granny square skirt haha! Shame to throw out something handmade. I have cupboards full of handmade items that maybe aren’t quite right anymore but I refuse to throw out anyway. 🙂

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    27th November 2015 at 4:33 pm

    love your skirt from new look and you look amazing! I do have a bit of a tall girl problem when it comes to dresses,i recently bought a dress from h&m and in all honesty it is a little bit short on me,more than a little tbh lol.I love the skirts from new look and never had a problem with any of them that i bought.Another great post hunni xx

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th November 2015 at 10:10 pm

      Thank you so much Hollie! Sooooo manny dresses are too short on me, even ones that have been fine when I’ve bought them then shrink in the wash. New Look are generally quite good though!

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