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(literally) got a new blog ‘prop’…

… and two other players. 🙂


Here’s that ‘different’ shoot I mentioned!  Max and I had this planned since the beginning of summer, but the RWC and my internship got in the way for ages.  Some of you may remember me writing about my hopes to work with more local brands, so here we are!  RedPanda clothing are based just down the road, and have a much more original approach to sportswear design.  So yeah, on Sunday evening we tried out a load of their new gear and I threw myself around a cool gym with a bunch of rugby players.  As you do. 🙂


Of all the t-shirts, this was my fave!  Max Skofic (both guys behind the brand are called Max – confusing) designs all the graphics himself.  Makes a brand seem that bit more personal if you’ve met the artist.  Not sure if they’d appreciate me saying it was the cutesy logo that caught my eye given the rugby slant to things, but whatever.  Such a clever graphic!  I like how the RedPanda design is much more subtle and unique than many ‘text on a plain tee’ sportswear brands.  The big names get a bit boring after a while!



Red haired Max – explains the origin of the RedPanda name.


Safe to say this one’s about as different to my last outfit post as you could possibly get!  Good choice bringing my red leggings though.  My gymwear for when it’s absolutely freeeeeezing is sorted now. 🙂


Makes a change to not be on my own in front of the camera!  Trying not to laugh here but looks like I’m about to kill Ben.




Always a laugh shooting with guys who don’t care about being shoved into place for a photo haha.  And those monkey bars?  Ain’t no way I could swing myself up there.  Hence the ‘let’s stand here in a tee and snapback and hold a slam ball’ instead.


Wall graphics in the ladies changing rooms c/o Max too!




Some items were best saved for those who can fill them out a bit better than I can!




Need me a bobble hat.  I probably should say that some of these items aren’t on the website just yet, but hopefully will be available soon enough.  Sneaky preview and that.


Hard life this blogging business isn’t it!


I don’t really wear red lipstick to the gym haha, don’t worry.

If you like the kit or fancy bespoke team gear, here’s your place.  Thanks to The Warehouse Gym for having us too!  And for so perfectly matching all the clothing.  Nice one!

lily kate x

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    27th November 2015 at 5:06 am

    I love all the red! And my name is Max too! Pandas are my favourite bear! I have found my people!

    • Reply
      lily kate
      27th November 2015 at 10:08 pm

      Me too! You have found your tribe! Their stuff would be perfect for you!

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