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DIY crochet bikini | How I’m going to make the most of a 4 month summer

What’s that? Lily’s actually crocheted something new rather than wearing old pieces and saying ‘I need to make more!’ again and again?  Yes, yes it is.  Lily has put hook to yarn and whipped up a lil’ crochet bikini.  Forever the queen of making items for the California life I don’t have.  But hey, they’re fun to make and look cute, right?

My ‘creative process’ went something like this:

  • Rummage through yarn cupboard for colours that work together
  • Realise don’t have enough of those colours to make anything but nipple pasties
  • Rummage for more colours
  • Find bits and bobs that I’d forgotten existed
  • Settle on a colour/yarn combo that *should* work (Rowan RYC Cashcotton 4ply in this case)
  • Search an entire room for the appropriate crochet hook
  • Begin crocheting a vague triangle shape
  • Add stripes wherever looks cool
  • Hold vaguely-bikini-shaped triangles up to boobs and figure out where extra fabric is needed (read: where bikini is indecent)
  • Fill in sections with extra rows of stripes whilst adding straps & ties
  • Try on bikini and be very happy with completely custom piece

I’d say this method’s a good one!  Matching bikini bottoms are next on the agenda, style yet undecided.  Thinking tie sides are gonna be the way to go. We shall see.

I’d been promising myself I’d get back into the swing of things DIY-wise for a while, and I’ve finally kickstarted it.  I find myself saying ‘I’ll do it in summer after exams’ about SO many things and honestly the 9th of June can’t come quickly enough.  Obviously my choice to study remotely means I’m flexible anyway and don’t have lectures to attend or anything, but there’s always the ‘I should be revising’ feeling lingering in the back of my mind.  I’m definitely not one for letting exams take over my life (I went on a 4 day press trip to Majorca 10 days before my A level exams last year, if that’s any indication!) but still, I look forward to throwing my all into other aspects of my life and forgetting about maths for a while.  Never gonna get 4 month summers when I’m no longer a student, am I?

Anyway, I seem to have an obsession with making goals and lists (although I don’t have an ultimate goal, which you’d know if you’d read my latest post – cheeky plug), so I thought a ‘summer goals’ list would be good right about now.  ‘Make all the things’ is inevitably on the list so at least I have a headstart on that.

Experiment with photoshoots.  Better weather allows so much more room for experimenting photoshoot-wise when you’re not trying to look calm whilst your fingers feel like they might actually drop off.  I’d love to try out a bunch of new styles and looks with test shoots and different locations, and have some vague plans already.  Expanding my portfolio is on the cards!

Up my crafty game.  Crochet, knit and sewing are all on the cards.  Might make another of these cut out dresses (recognise the lane in the photos?) in some chambray fabric I have lying around, and I have plans to whip up something cool in a jazzy Liberty fabric.  Feeling very inspired atm!  Whilst this bikini’s on the simple side I’d like to really push myself creatively too and come up with some more interesting designs.  Watch this space.

Blog blog blog. Obviously. You lucky things might even get a regular schedule from June onwards.  I have so many ideas and just can’t afford to dedicate the time to them that I’d like at the minute.  Soon though.  Many ideas will be coming your way!

Whilst we’re on the topic of blogging, I’m also really feeling the need for a bloggy facelift.  Whether that’ll be in the form of a full on makeover or just tweaks I’m not yet sure, but it always turns into one of those jobs that takes wayyyy longer than planned so I’m saving that task for summer.

Push myself in the gym.  I currently work out 3 or 4 times a week but I’d like to aim for every day because why the hell not.  (Emphasis on ‘aim for’ btw – I know that won’t happen).  Let’s see what this body can do!  I’d also love to try Crossfit because it looks like all the good kinds of hell.

Of course I hope to get away several times and see as many new places as possible, but travel plans are still coming together atm.

Oh and I actually didn’t freeze shooting these photos yesterday as we were blessed with wonderful Sunday afternoon sunshine.  Would be a different story in today’s Monday drizzle.

If you have any ideas for bits and bobs I should make or blog posts you’d like to see, please send them my way.  In the meantime I’ll be buried under maths papers.  Won’t be long until I have another crochet bikini to share, promise!

Lily Kate x

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