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Falling back in love with fashion | Getting out of a style rut

I struggle writing fashion posts sometimes.  Tbh I only call them ‘fashion’ posts because that seems to be the blogging norm, because I’d say ‘personal style’ would make a better descriptor.  ‘Fashion’ almost seems a bit overkill – Joli House is hardly The Place To Go for the hottest trend updates or style guides.  I’m just a girl who’s rather fond of clothes really.

Looking back through my old blog posts (who else loses a casual hour here and there to archive trawling?) I realised that I used to make far more of a big deal of styling and sharing why I’d chosen X item to go with Y, etc.  I enjoyed choosing outfits to wear to college every day – mixing handmade items with new, old and borrowed pieces alike.  ‘Personal style’ posts were the backbone of my blog in its early years, but have taken a backseat behind lifestyle and travel content lately.

Part of the reason is that sometimes it feels like there’s only so much to say about ‘stuff’ without sounding repetitive and boring.  Can’t reinvent the wheel, you know?  The other part is about not wanting to seem incapable of discussing topics weightier than flimsy dresses.  Not that there’s anything wrong with writing about floaty dresses all day every day, of course – I just enjoy talking about other aspects of life too, or how certain clothes make me feel rather than just what they look like.

Along with personal style dropping off the blog front my enthusiasm for style in general diminished a little too, until a couple of weeks ago one of the clothes rails in my bedroom collapsed (not due to too many clothes, a wheel had been knocked ok) so I took the opportunity to sort through all my clothes and re-order the lot.  In doing so I came across a bunch of items that I’d forgotten existed, and somehow the act of rejigging everything gave me a new-found enthusiasm for my wardrobe.  Jeans and white shirts are not the only options, who’d have thought it?  The phrase ‘style rut’ is kind of cliche I know, but that’s the best way I can describe how I’d felt – less than enthused.  British not-quite-summer doesn’t exactly help, but I’d felt pretty ‘meh’ for a while!  Turns out inspiration needn’t come from buying new clothes or cruising Pinterest – you can fall back in love with fashion just by having a good old sort through your own wardrobe.  No complaints about new additions though of course.

Anyway, I now feel like that girl who spends way too long choosing her outfit in the morning again, and I’m happy about that.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the frivolous things in life, right?  I’ll always, always love the way a new slinky dress makes me feel too – case in point right here.  The softest pink shade and most flattering shape gets a yes from me, and I’m loving the long gathered sleeves.  After rambling about my rediscovered enthusiasm for styling, I decided to keep it as simple as it gets with this one – anything fussier than shoes and tiny earrings would have felt like overkill.  When you have golden hour beachy lighting to go with your outfit what more do you need?

Dress: c/o Oh My Love London | Shoes: Primark

Lily Kate x

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