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leopard print & trying to be Effortless Pinterest Girl

Firstly, well aware of the oxymoron in that title.  Effortless Pinterest Girl doesn’t try to be anything, right?  She just well… looks good without even trying.  She has that undone hair, easy clothing, carefree kind of look about her.  I want to be her.  I am definitely not her. 

I start doing a few things around this time of year: drinking Ovaltine (hands down best cosy drink), getting a cold (ticked that one off already), and furiously pinning to my Autumn/Winter style boards on Pinterest.  My wardrobe looks much the same as last year and I’m basically looking for ways to reinvent the jeans and jumper wheel – my knitwear collection is pretty strong already, you see.  Gal’s gotta work with what she’s got.  Take a peek at said Pinterest board and you’ll see that many of the wintery outfits feature loose, chilled out clothes worn by a girl lazing nonchalantly on a chair outside a coffee shop (just the first photo I came across tbh).  She’s Effortless Pinterest Girl – effortlessly cool and effortlessly stylish.   She looks like she just casually chose her outfit, popped on some accessories, and wandered out the house at a leisurely pace.  Now I’m not personally fussed about being ‘cool’ because I never have been and never will be, but I wouldn’t mind being ‘stylish’ if at all possible, and a side helping of ‘effortless’ wouldn’t hurt.

boots: c/o Jones Bootmaker | jumper: Topshop | jeans: TU Clothing

Whether or not she ummed and ahhed in front of her wardrobe for half an hour I don’t know, but I know that I certainly didn’t.  ‘Twas a quickly dress myself and go situation.  Nor did I even remember to wear a watch – the one item of jewellery I feel naked without.  The jumper is from last year and is a strong contender for Cosiest Thing Ever and the boots are my new favourites, but the Effortless Pinterest Girl jumper and loose jeans look in my head just wasn’t working.  Annoying when that happens, isn’t it?  Looks oh so stylish in your head, but not so much in the mirror.  I just can’t seem to pull off the baggy on baggy look without feeling like a complete tit.  So I grabbed the nearest pair of ‘slightly loose around the shins but basically skinny jeans’ and ran to the car in those instead.  What must it be like to live an organised, rush free life eh?  Effortless Pinterest girl never scrabbles around the house for her car keys, I’m sure of it.   Her 60 second quick hair brush and plait probably looks a whole lot more put together than mine too.  What can you do.

My attempts to become Effortless Pinterest Girl have proven fruitless thus far, but I did at least manage to jazz up the jeans and jumpers by adding exactly what everybody else is wearing right now.  Threw a bit of leopard print into the mix of course.  What else?  It’s everywhere – Instagram, blogs, on the street, on Effortless Pinterest Girl… you get the idea.  So obviously being the sheep I am I wanted a piece of the action, and when Jones Bootmaker kindly offered me a pair from their Autumn range I made a beeline for the leopard pretties.  Easiest decision I’ve ever made tbh.  There are white trainers that I wear all summer, and black boots that I wear all winter, but there’s always a rogue jazzy pair that are surprisingly versatile too.  Something tells me leopard might just be the one.  Basically a neutral, no?  My black Jones Bootmaker ankle booties have been absolutely worn to death but are still going strong, and I have a feeling these are going to follow suit.  If leopard print can make me look a ~little~ more put together then I’m all for it. 

So, on becoming Effortless Pinterest Girl… any tips?

Lily Kate x

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