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style resolutions for 2018

I solemnly swear to make the effort to look my best and choose a 10/10 outfit every day.

HAH.  Not gonna happen.  There were many days of looking like poop in 2017, and I’m sure the same will be true for 2018.  Let’s not be silly and think that’s gonna change.  I can, however, think of a few ways that I’d like my personal style to change, so thought why not jump on the New Year bandwagon since we’re nearly there anyway and make a resolution of it.

— Wear the items I’d forgotten about.  Finding a top in the back of my wardrobe that I’d forgotten existed happens all too often!  Way too easy to wear the same few items on repeat.  However, I’m also the kind of person who comes up with ridiculous reasons why I can’t possibly throw clothes out, so I’m still holding on to items I’ve had since I was 12.  With good reason – I still regularly wear a coat I’ve had since primary school (and will hold on to that coat ’til the end of my days), and I haven’t changed height or size since I was about 13.  Many items aren’t so lucky and stay all sad at the back of my wardrobe though (no YOU get too attached to clothes and act like they have feelings), and I really should take them out for a spin more often.

— Plan a few outfits in advance to avoid turning my room into a floordrobe.  You know the scene – you’re rushing around because despite knowing it would take you half an hour to get ready, you sat around until 15 minutes before you need to leave, and suddenly you’re standing next to a rail of clothes, in your dressing gown, with OMG NOTHING TO WEAR.  Cue 10 minutes of frantically trying things on, not wasting precious time putting them back on hangers, and turning your room into a sartorial bombsite then choosing the first outfit you tried on anyway.  Just me?  I bloody hope not.  Anyway, the simple answer would be to always have a couple of backup outfits planned to avoid stressing when you realise the top you wanted is soaking wet straight out of the washing machine.  That would make life so much easier, wouldn’t it?

— Remember to wear more jewellery.  I often just completely to forget to add jewellery to my outfit (again because I’m usually in a rush, surprise surprise) but I do think it really makes a difference.  Lately I’ve been wearing earrings more and it just makes me feel so much more put together.  Jumper and jeans?  Boring.  Jumper and jeans with hair up and jazzy statement earrings?  How chic.

— Wear (and make) more handmade items.  The number of times I see things on the shelves, say ‘no way I’m buying that, I could make it in an afternoon’, then proceed to never make anything of the sort, is ridiculous.  Time to actually get cracking.  Super chunky knits are taking my fancy at the moment and I’ve already made one snuggly jumper this winter, and I’ve just bought some cream yarn to start working on another.  My cupboard is already home to many that rarely see the light of day though, so I think I need to start making an effort to stay away from the Topshop knits and wear the ones made with my own 2 hands (albeit 7 years ago) instead.

— Find comfy but nice clothes.  I own plenty (read: more than enough) lovely clothes, and plenty pyjamas, but nothing in between for wearing around the house without feeling like a total slob.  One pair of joggers that don’t really fit and a pair of leggings that aren’t exactly mad comfy, and that’s about it.  You’ll usually find me in jumper dresses on my ‘home days’.  Time to find some nice loungewear I think – lazy clothes do not a productive Lily make.

— Wear my heels more.  Low-ish heels that is.  This gal is not cut out for the high heeled life.  My heels pain threshold is probably embarrassingly low because I wear them so rarely, but boy do I know about it when I decide a night out in 4 inch heels is a good idea.  My ankles are killing me after wearing chunky boots, I have no idea how girls handle 5 inch stilettos all night!  However, I do own several pairs of mid heel ankle boots that I rarely wear because I feel like I look too *extra* being already pretty tall.  But for 2018 I’m going to say screw that and wear them anyway.  I may not need the height boost but for cute shoes I’m going to do it anyway.

scarf: River Island | skirt: Matalan | boots: ASOS (mine are the tall version, but also available in regular, petite, wide fit and wide leg) | top: Primark | coat: New Look | earrings: Lovisa

Anyone else hoping to up their outfit game in 2018? I’m also hoping to share more chatty outfit photos on here again, like I used to in the blogging olden days (aka 2014).  Trying to think of new ~interesting~ content all the time with groundbreaking photos gets kinda tiresome, so I’m not going to pressure myself to do so unless I actually feel like it.  Sometimes there’s nothing more profound to say than ‘here’s what I’m wearing, thought you might like my skirt’ and that’s ok.  Watch this space!

Lily Kate x

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Photography by my brother Joel – I’ve trained him well!  Thanks bro x


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    1st January 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Love this, I’m so with you on the floordrobe situation! & chatty outfit posts are my favourite kind to read!

    Rosie | wearsrosie.com

    • Reply
      lily kate
      1st January 2018 at 9:57 pm

      Thanks Rosie! The floordrobe seriously needs to stop haha, help me. I’m glad you like the chatty posts because they’ll be popping up rather often!

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