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First things first, hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas/Monday and have suitably full bellies and hearts.  I’m currently feeling very lucky to have the best family and a happy Christmas, and am on the sofa with wine in hand eating snacks.  Not gonna lie, I’m already looking forward to the gym and fruit salad tomorrow (think my body is about to turn into one giant carb and is screaming for vitamins) but for now I’m going to enjoy one more night of chillll.

Now that Christmas is over and I probably can’t get away with popping some twinkly lights bokeh up and calling it a day, I return with a totally unrelated post sharing some bloggers I love.  One of my goals for 2018 is to be more openly supportive of others, so why not start early eh?  Bloggers these days have to be a jack of all trades – photographer, editor, admin, finance, PR, the lot – but today I wanted to focus on my favourite writers.  Because that’s where it (mostly) all started, right?  Maybe it’s exaggerated at the moment because ’tis the season for gift guides and sale picks and all that jazz, but I feel like ‘buy me buy me buy me!’ content can become a bit overwhelming and I find myself avoiding it and reading the more wordy posts instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge bloggers making money or using affiliate links at all, but some blogs get a little taken over by it, and since I don’t have the cash to splash on new items all. the. time, I kinda tune out a little.  What I don’t tune out from, however, is the blogs where I find myself saying ‘that’s SO me‘ to almost every post, chuckling along as I read, or those who delve a little deeper into topics in our everyday life.


Obviously Victoria was going to appear on here!  Her blog has both stunning editorial style imagery and personal writing, a combination that you don’t encounter too often in the blogosphere.  Many influencers leave their blog behind a little once YouTube and Instagram go big, but I like that Victoria continues to dedicate what is clearly a huge amount of time to her blog.  I can only imagine how long those posts take to write and put together!

Favourite posts: Living in Limbo: Questioning my life plan | The thoughts of a Northerner in LondonHow do you know when you’re engaged?

Pretty Normal Me

Emily’s blog is a more recent discovery of mine, but already a new favourite.   Did this girl just take the thoughts straight out of my head or what?  I love how her writing feels very honest, chatty and friendly; the best blogs are the ones where you feel like you know the writer without having ever met them, right?  Emily discusses topics that are somewhat taboo with a confidence that I wish I had, and poses interesting discussions on news and current issues.

Favourite posts: Wanting to be a bit healthier at Christmas is okay tooSomeday these will be the good old days | Girls: We need to stop ‘just wondering’

The Little Plum

I may or may not have lost several hours reading Chloe’s blog.  What can I say, the gal got me hooked.  Beautiful imagery plays a huge part in Chloe’s blog and don’t get me wrong, her shots look amazing, but her taste in clothes is very different to mine so it’s the words that keep me clicking back.   I really appreciate how she’s so open and honest about the blogging industry (and life as a young woman in general) and discusses the usually more secretive topics (like money) in a way that many ‘bigger’ bloggers avoid.

Favourite posts: My Love/Hate relationship with my phone | Even faster fashion: Is Instagram killing blogging | We need to stop glorifying ‘busy’

Forever Amber

If there’s a blogger who can make a post about carpet cleaners funny, it’s Amber.  Seriously this woman has a talent for just writing about the most mundane of happenings in everyday life in a way that makes you chuckle and want to be her friend.  I’ve read every post for a long time now and shall continue to do so.  Choosing favourite posts is actually quite difficult because I just love the witty chatty writing style in every one, even those that aren’t relevant to me – despite not being and never having been pregnant, I find pregnancy posts so interesting and am basically just nosey, and can’t wait to see how her blog evolves with her life.

Camilla Ackley

I’ve followed Camilla since before she went to University and I’m now reading her posts about graduate life, so I guess you could say I’m a dedicated reader.  I like how her blog’s a mix of outfit diaries, life updates, and musings on the more important issues in life, but my favourite posts of hers are the ones about what our fashion choices actually mean and how there’s more to it than just choosing a blue coat because we fancy it (sometimes).  That’s a really useless explanation but I’ve linked a couple of my favourite examples below.

Favourite posts: Notes on getting dressed | Why I’m Done Living Life On The Good Side | Why I Love Being Extra


Nobody else writes quite like Audrey!  Her writing style is almost poetic and she has a way of explaining thoughts that isn’t like anybody else.  So raw and so beautiful.  Oh and she’s also my body inspiration for her insane strength.

Favourite posts: 7 inexplicable emotions, explained2017, new perspectives


Sophie’s a relatively new blogger who I’m firmly convinced is going to go far.  I came across her lovely face on Instagram first, and became a hardcore fan of her blog shortly after.  So so relatable, and describes my thoughts to a T.  One to watch (well, read).

Favourite posts: On Togetherness | Perfectionism: the enemy of productivity | Can I get a refill, please?

Lily Kate x

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    29th December 2017 at 7:25 pm

    I love Victoria, Chloe and Sophia and I read their blogs earnestly. I don’t know the others but I’ll be checking them out so thank you for sharing. I love bloggers who come across as hundred percent authentic and honest, it’s so refreshing. I’ll also recommend Sade of In My Sunday Best, she’s one of my many favourites. And you Lily Kate! I love your blog and I love your writing style. Happy holidays! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    • Reply
      lily kate
      1st January 2018 at 9:55 pm

      I think we have similar taste in blogs! I’ve read Sade’s blog a few times, she should be on the list 🙂
      I’m flattered you’d include me, thank you so much! Happy New Year!

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