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dressing like a Christmas tree

A red and gold themed Christmas tree, to be precise.  I’d originally intended for this to be a 2018 roundup post but started writing and realised that’s going to be a short novel, and at my current pace of ‘write a couple of sentences, remember a present I need to wrap, eat a mince pie, make a brew, stroke the cat, write another few sentences’… that may take me a while.  However, I deem it imperative that this skirt graces the blog before Christmas day so here I am.  Shouting from the rooftops that an obnoxiously bright and shiny skirt is the Best Thing Ever.

Because really, if you can’t wear a red and gold sparkly skirt the week before Christmas, when can you?  I’m yet to own a Christmas jumper but a Christmassy skirt I can get on board with.  Tbh I would say it’s a potential Christmas day outfit but the waistband isn’t elasticated and I plan to eat lots and lots of potatoes, so maybe not.  Can’t win them all, eh?  And I would say it’s a bargain win – £6 for a Zara skirt in TK Maxx isn’t too shabby. Continuing with the bargainous theme, my jumper was in the ‘seasonal offers’ at River Island and is the one piece of knitwear I’ve bought this year, and my boots were in the sale at Lavish Luxe for a mere £21.99 at the time. 

Consider my frugal queen crown straightened.  Both are items I’d been on the hunt for for a while, and I finally a found a jumper just the right length for tucking into things without giving me a spare tyre, and boots that were just the right level of clompy. I’d considered investing in a higher quality pair but hadn’t found any that are quite perfect enough to persuade me to part with a larger lump of cash, and since these are pretty bloody close to the boots I imagined (and are comfy enough to walk for miles) they shall certainly do the job for now.

Oh and the leather jacket is my mum’s from around 18 years ago that I wear all the time, so if that isn’t making an item last, I don’t know what is.

Can you tell I like hunting a good bargain?

Having spent last weekend in oh-so-Christmassy Edinburgh (wearing this outfit + fleece tights +thermal top + scarf + hat, nonetheless) I couldn’t really not feel festive by now, and I think I’m finally in that~Christmas~ mindset.  My shopping is finally done and I spent this evening wrapping presents with my best pal, wahoo!  Will probably remember 28 things that still need buying tomorrow on Christmas Eve, but oh well. 

Right now I’m feeling torn between downing tools and just chilling the F out over the next couple of weeks, and playing catchup on the things that have fallen by the wayside a little lately, (uni work, blogging, working out, etc).  Kinda want to chill, kinda want to be productive, kinda have 50 things I want over and done with by the time 2019 rolls around.  Obviously a reasonable amount of time will be spent horizontal drinking prosecco/doing absolutely sod all, but I’d rather not start 2019 with a to-do list as long as my arm, so we shall see.  Forever just winging it through life and hoping for the best! 

Lily Kate x

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