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why I treat every monday morning as a fresh start


Monday morning, we’re not best pals, are we? I’m a morning person through and through, I’ll welcome any ‘fresh start’ feeling with open arms, but Monday mornings and I just don’t get on brilliantly. That’s probably because Sunday evenings usually involve catching up on stuff I should’ve done earlier (we’ve all been there – many times) so Monday mornings involve doing the stuff I should’ve done on Sunday night. So as you’re reading this, I’m probably trying to frantically dry my hair and put my folders in my bag and eat breakfast (can’t ever miss breakfast) etc. etc. etc., because the weekend passed too quickly and I wasn’t ready, as usual.


I most definitely won’t be smiling and wearing this new babe of a playsuit I found and photographed yesterday, definitely not. It’s cute though, don’t you think? Kinda cheeky but simple and grey and long-sleeved, which come to think of it, makes it pretty similar to this cheeky-simple-grey-long-sleeved bodysuit I posted about last week. Grey is my current ‘thing’, so it would seem. I’m looking forward to wearing this one on a girly night out with heels that will make my feet hurt and hair that will inevitably end up in messy waves no matter how it starts out.


Playsuit and heels: Saints & Sinners


Anyway, Monday mornings. They’re New Year on a miniature scale, full of ‘I’ll go to the gym more this week!’ and ‘I’ll sort all my stuff out!’ and sometimes it works out great and you’re all accomplished at the end of the week. Sometimes last-minute plans come up and you don’t do half the stuff you said you would, but have fun with the last-minute plans anyway, and that’s good too. There’s always the Monday after to give it another shot. 🙂

lily kate x

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