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Feeling 100% Comfortable with My Life and My Self

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Gonna start off by wishing you all a happy Sunday and doing that annoying blogger thing of apologising for going MIA when nobody actually cares.  So yeah, soz for disappearing on you for a whole 5 days!  Like I said though, I’m taking a slightly slower approach rather than loading my plate too high and spreading myself too thinly.  Attempting to anyway.  Turns out being full time distance learning student is actually pretty difficult, too!  I might write another installment in my Open University series soon but for now, let’s just say ‘lots of work’ in summary.  Told myself I wouldn’t become one of those students who’s working on assignments until minutes before the deadline and ooh look, what happened?  But anyway, I’ve had a good week workout wise (abs on fire alllll weekend), had fun with people, and been to-ing and fro-ing to Manchester for some cool stuff too.  Between standing around in my underwear in front of strangers and burying my head in a maths book I guess my week could seem kinda weird, but it’s become standard stuff really!

Standard or not, I’m feeling more and more comfortable with my life and everything and everyone in it at the minute.  I can’t remember a single week that’s been the same as the one previous, and I’m slowly learning how best to manage an ever changing schedule!  You don’t realise how much you benefit from being surrounded by people in timetabled education or work (even if you don’t consider them friends), until you don’t have it.  Any freelancer knows the feeling I’m sure.  Evidently I very much am still learning – hence the submitting assignments at 10:30 for a midnight deadline – but I’m working on it.

Part of me feels like ‘comfortable’ is a pretty lacklustre description of life, but then again I don’t think it does any harm to appreciate the more low key things too.  Feeling both comfortable in your physical self (both metaphorically and literally – more on the comfy underwear in a min), and comfortable with your life is a good feeling.  I’ve certainly learnt to appreciate the comfort in the ‘non days’ when I would’ve previously felt all cabin fever-y, too.  Sometimes life is all go go go and exciting (having exciting stuff to look forward to makes ALL the difference too, I find) and sometimes you just gotta get your head down and crack on with the less exciting stuff.  I still feel like I’m fumbling my way through life with my finger in many pies and no definite idea (or even vague idea tbh) of where I’m going, but I’m OK with that.  So there’s no ranting to be heard from me today, no ‘grr people are sh*t’ feelings, and no comparing myself to other people doing this, that, and the other.  Feeling very comfortable with my life and myself and that’s that. 🙂

Back to the comfy underwear – a moment of appreciation is needed for how A* Primark’s lingerie range is at the minute!  I’m sure you’ll have seen the pieces doing the rounds of Instagram already but I gotta say the latest batch to hit the shelves is my favourite.  Can’t get enough of these soft pretty ones for the ultimate ‘put together but comfy’ feeling.  I highly recommend getting your hands on a set or 3 ASAP!

lily kate x

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    1st March 2017 at 11:25 pm

    So glad you are feeling comfy in your life even if it’s sometimes unexpected 🙂 I can def tell from your instagram that you’re thrivin’ – loving all the model shots! Also will be getting myself to Primark asap.

    • Reply
      lily kate
      3rd March 2017 at 12:06 pm

      Thank you Sarah! I’m just learning to make the most of it being unexpected – took some getting used to after being in structured education my whole life but I’m getting there!
      I’d highly recommend getting to Primark and grabbing the underwear whilst it lasts!

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