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feels like autumn

backlit-portrait-of-friends As you can probably tell, Georgie and I were pretty excited for Scare Kingdom on Saturday night.  As someone who literally jumps when the school bell goes, I was expecting to be jumping out my skin at a ‘Scream Park’, but despite the jumpiness I loved it and had a great time!  I even screamed back at a demented clown or two;)


Doesn’t the sun look fab on Georgie’s hair?!

The idea for today was to browse charity shops in the hope of finding some vintage beauties, but unfortunately I wasn’t too inspired by the options this time.  Second hand shopping is so unpredictable  – I’ve found some really cute pieces for such bargains before, but this time nothing particularly caught my eye. Maybe next time I’ll have some better luck!  However we didn’t come back completely empty handed: I added this Chelsea Girl blouse to my collection, and Dan bought a pair of ‘grown-up’ shoes from Topman and the jumper in these photos.

Pro blogger me managed to forget to bring a CF card for my camera on said shopping trip, so I can’t even delight you with pictures of my Fro-Yo from the new cafe in town.  Heartbreaking, I know;)  Apologies for the back garden pictures!


Dress: Miss Selfridge
Tights and Boots: Next

Skater dress styles are always so flattering, and I really love the little texture and shaping details on this Miss Selfridge version.  Often their styles don’t work brilliantly on me as they tend to be on the shorter side, but this one is just long enough to avoid any Marilyn Monroe moments. #TallGirlProblems once again haha.




Dan’s new suede shoes from Topman




long-brunette-hair-and-blue-eyes Bar a couple of shots, all photography here is by my very own blogger boyfriend – I think between us, me and my mum have got him pretty well trained behind the camera!  What do you think?

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