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On film | film photography photoshoot


Different photographer, different style, different camera and different location today! The more chances to mix things up blog-wise, the better. 🙂 On Monday I met up with Alex (ngl, I’d been stalking his photography page for a while so was really happy when he asked me!) and we had fun shooting for a few hours around Lancaster.  And froze our asses off.  Don’t let the blue skies kid you – IT WAS FRICKIN COLD.  Love how the shots turned out though!  He shoots film so obviously there were no sneaky previews, but he did a fantastic job don’t you think?




Just by chance he’d arranged to shoot with my friend Toni in the afternoon too, without realising we knew each other.  Cue impromtu group shoot. 🙂  Read Toni’s blog here.


A few things we learnt whilst shooting:

Construction workers really, really like photobombing.  And have no shame about asking to be in the background.

Wooly hats are lifesavers.  This one was passed between the 3 of us about 50 times (until I accidentally went home with it on – oops)

Being asked to look moody will make you laugh 10x more.  Serious facial muscle control is necessary.

Shoes too big + platform heels + cobbles + hilly streets is not a good combination.  Definitely wasn’t me who nearly faceplanted multiple times…



Old school film vs. compact digital with wifi and flip screen.




One of my favourites!  The really subtle light leaks are so clever.  Don’t get that arty stuff with digital.


#FollowMeTo inspired, of course!



Looking posey as hell on all of these I know, but I was told to look moody!  Was fun to almost feel like I was getting into character.  Exactly what character I have no idea, but somebody other than my usual gawky self.  When I managed to stop cracking up.



Somehow I don’t think this leather jacket has made it onto the blog before, even though I wear it all the time.  It’s a vintage one of my mum’s, and is a little too big in just the right ways for a biker jacket.  The shirt’s just one of my dad’s I stole and wrapped a chunky belt over to save myself from drowning in it.


Borrowed Toni’s coat just to try, and now I think I need a super long one like this too.  Never mind that I have more than enough coats already and have been collecting them since I was 11… it’s a long coat that doesn’t make me look like Dr. Who!



All photo credit goes to Alex Bevington, go check out his Insta page here!  Now for a few shots behind the scenes.



Couldn’t really have chosen a better location than Lancaster on Monday tbh – casual castle in the background anyone?  Considering how grim and grey most English days are, we did really well to choose a bright one too.  All the sun flares. 😀


Alex shoots with a Canon A1 and 50mm lens, for any film aficionados out there.


20 minutes to warm up in Starbucks with a hot coffee was 100% necessary.  Also handy for doing the quickest of quick outfit changes in the toilets whilst a lady with a crying toddler was waiting outside.  Nothing quite like that to make you get a move on.  Outfit change = lipstick change, obviously.




ETA: not sure why some of these photos are showing the wrong orientation on some phones but will look into it!

lily kate x

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