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florals for (pretending it’s) Spring

Groundbreaking, huh?  I KNOW.  We shot these photos at the weekend, when one could have looked out the window and believed Spring was on its way.  Any illusions would have been quickly dispelled on stepping outside and realising that it was still cold AF, but still.  The sun was a’ shining and it kinda looked like Spring and I may or may not have gotten carried away and bought a couple of floral and very Spring like dresses.

Reader, it was not warm.  Far from it.  Not even warm enough to be a tough cookie and pretend for the sake of quick blog pics (we’ve all done it).  So instead I decided to have a rummage in my wardrobe and find kinda-Spring-ish pieces that I can wear now instead, and thought it appropriate to crack out the florals that haven’t seen the light of day since umm… August 2016.  You see, I’d fallen into a jeans/jumper/opaque tights rut over the last few weeks (as is easily done when the weather is drizzle with a side helping of sleet) and this gal was bored.  Scrolling through my blog archives made me realise that I used to try so much harder when it came to outfits and genuinely enjoyed rifling through my rails looking for interesting combinations to put together, and lately I’ve become what could only be described as ‘boring as hell’.  I used to wear more colours, more prints, more accessories, and now it’s more ‘meh’.  Maybe I’ve become old and boring at the ripe old age of 20, who knows.  There’s something to be said for growing up and (generally) favouring a more neutral palette, but I kinda miss the enthusiasm I used to have for the ‘styling’ part of getting dressed.

Anyway, right now I fancy changing up my style a little (not much) after being in this jumper shaped rut for a while, and maxi skirts seem like a good place to start.  Why it’s taken me until now to realise that maxi skirts for winter are a really good idea I do not know.  I’d like to think I have a reasonable amount of intelligence but sometimes I really do question it.  You can hide tights, leggings, knee high socks that haven’t been out since secondary school, all sorts under there!  And we all know that the answer to any winter wardrobe woe (WWW – it’s a thing) is the humble roll neck.  My black and cream ones have easily been my most worn items over the past few months.  Primark, size down so they’re nice and tight fitting (baggy roll neck is not the one) and job’s a good’en.

All in all I’d say this outfit nails the all time blogger cliche of ‘transitional’ dressing, and as a result I kinda fell down the ASOS rabbit hole of looking for more transitional pieces.  And then it started to snow.  And snow some more.  So my current dilemma is not how soon to brave bare legs, but how to avoid A) frostbite, and B) falling on my backside.  Safe to say I’ll be pausing the transitional outfits in favour of thermals for a wee while.

skirt: Marks & Spencer | jumper: Primark | boots: New Look | jacket: Next (super old!)

I’ve listed these for the sake of completeness, but none of the items (other than maybe the roll neck, since it’s such a basic) are currently available.  Does that make me a bad blogger?  Who knows, I’ve discussed blogging and the pressure for all things new before, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with digging oldies out of the wardrobe.  This leather jacket especially – it’s my mum’s, and I do believe she bought it whilst pregnant with my brother, who is now 17 (and took these photos).  It doesn’t look old or worn in the slightest but boy has it seen a lot of use.

Lily Kate x

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    1st March 2018 at 6:55 am

    Lovely look and photos! It is extremely cold here in the Netherlands so this week I will Just wear trousers and thick sweaters!

  • Reply
    Lucy Jane
    1st March 2018 at 6:53 pm

    These pictures are so pretty, definitely giving me the spring vibes that we are lacking with the weather at the minute. Starting spring in a foot of snow is not good!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

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