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Anyone else finding the open end date the strangest, and most unnerving, part of this whole situation?  If you’d told us on New Years Eve that 3 months into 2020, we’d all be confined to our houses for an indeterminate period, I’m pretty sure most of us would have wondered what the hell you were talking about.  But here we are, and there’s no point in me regurgitating the same paragraph you’ve probably read a hundred times already. I’ve also seen approximately 382 blog posts on ‘tips for working from home’ or similar already, so I don’t think you need me to tell you that it’s probably a good idea to get dressed in Actual Clothes and wake up at a reasonable hour.

However, I did think it might be a nice idea to treat this blog more like a diary again, as a personal record of life during this crazy time if nothing else. No travels, no nice outfits, no fun experiences – just my ramblings. No pressure to take pretty photos out and about, because we can’t go out and about. Everyone being in the same boat takes the pressure off somehow.

making the most of it

Who’d have thought ‘making the most of a global pandemic’ would be a line we’d ever trot out? Not me. I knew right off the bat though that I wanted to use this time to be as productive as possible, and make the most of an undeniably shit situation. I’d feel far worse if the days / weeks / months slipped by and I had nothing to show for them.

There will be no modelling or photography jobs outside the house for the foreseeable, so that frees up the time spent schlepping to London for castings and editing photos. *Hopefully* there may be modelling / photography jobs inside the house though… I’ve been told brands are looking for models who know their way around a camera since times are getting a little desperate! We’ll see. Either way, I plan to use this time to indulge myself creatively and work on all the projects I’ve been dreaming up for months. I’ve only been publishing knitting patterns again since last November so it’s early days for me in business terms, but I’m treating now as the perfect time to throw my all into that. The craft industry is apparently experiencing quite a boom right now, for obvious reasons; I’d be stupid to not try to make the most of it! Luckily timings worked out such that during this first week of ‘lockdown’ I’ve actually had a couple of commissions and submissions to work on alongside my personal designs, so there’s been plenty to keep me busy. I can’t imagine ever being being bored whilst there are knits still to be made and books still to read (ie. forever). Aside from a couple of exceptionally dull spin classes and the rare occasion I’ve forgotten my book, knitting AND headphones on the train, I don’t recall ever being bored. Tired? Yes. Distracted? Most definitely. But never bored. I always have something to do or someone to talk to, and for that I am very grateful.

keeping fit

One thing I’m absolutely determined to keep up with is my fitness, and hopefully work out more now than I was doing recently anyway. I no longer have the excuse of no car to get to the gym some days, or a to do list too long, and I know exercise does me a world of good when I’m sitting around for the rest of the day. Since I’m not exactly strapped for time I’m aiming for a home workout or a run every day, for as long as we’re allowed out one daily trip out for exercise. So far this has consisted of #PEwithJoe (kid’s PE is a decent workout!), resistance band workouts in the garden, jogging through the park keeping 2 metres from anyone else, and livestreamed tap and ballet classes in place of Wednesday night dancing. I might look for some yoga livestreams to follow too, or maybe just make up my own flows. I’m just determined to keep moving.

mental health

I’m fortunate to not be a particularly anxious person, and so far, I’m fine. There’s obviously a whole lot worthy of stressing over right now and many people to worry about, but Lily getting her knickers in a twist isn’t going to solve anything or help anyone. Staying level headed and staying #AtHome hopefully will though, so that’s precisely what I’m doing.

Ask me again in 2 weeks when I’m going stir crazy and it might be a different story. But so far, so good – I’m appreciating being in a very privileged position all things considered. Sending lots of virtual hugs to those not quite so lucky. Let’s hope real hugs will be allowed again sooner rather than later, hey?

Lily Kate x

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