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the autumn basics I’m already loving | french connection AW17

As this post is goes up I’ll be lounging by the pool in Tenerife and sweating at the thought of wearing a jumper, but never mind that.  Today we are talking AUTUMN and COSY and JUMPERS and SCARVES and TEA.  And hey, at least I’ll have a lovely autumn wardrobe to come home to to soften the back to reality blow.  Due to aforementioned Tenerife holiday we’re gonna be flicking between jumpers and bikinis for a wee while here at Joli House, so I hope you don’t mind!

Now that we’re almost leaving the holiday season behind I think it’s time we just embrace Autumn instead, with its jumpers and the increased consumption of hot beverages and all those wonderful clichés.  I’m not gonna pretend Autumn is my favourite season (although, birthdayyy), but it is second only to summer.  Most definitely preferred to Spring, and a great deal better than Winter.  And let’s face it, Autumn will always have the best outfits.  Yes to nice squishy layers without the need to hide everything beneath the warmest coat you can find.

I’m all for statement items at any time of year, but sometimes it’s good to be a Sensible Susan and go for simple, beautiful, and oh-so-good-quality basics rather than getting excited about fancy frocks that will be worn twice at most.  God I sound so old.  Nevertheless, if we’re going to live in jumpers from October onwards, we might as well have bloody good ones!  French Connection have absolutely nailed it with their AW17 women’s clothing collection, so I’m a very happy girly to be working with them and showing you a couple of examples.

Isn’t sweater 1 an absolute beauty? Apparently it’s a FC bestseller and I can see why.  Loving the lilac/dusky blue/grey/whatever you call it shade and lil’ sassy details.  Jeans would probably be the obvious pal to a jumper, but to smarten things up just a little bit I chose these slick black trousers instead.  I’d spotted this exact pair on Holly Willoughby’s Instagram, and if it’s good enough for Holly Willoughby then it’s good enough for me.  That woman is absolute style goals, seriously.  I’d been keeping my eye out for a well fitting pair of black trousers that sit between jeans and ‘work pants’ style for ages, and I’ve finally landed on the skinny pants holy grail that fit like an absolute dream.  Black trousers that I can see myself wearing with jumpers for casual days, nice tops for evenings out, simple camisoles for castings… I could go on.

I tried on pretty much half the shop in the Leeds French Connection store a couple of weeks ago (big thank you to Ross and Steph for being so helpful when I kept asking for different sizes!) and it’s worth noting that French Connection sizing seems to run pretty large.  I’d usually wear size 10 trousers but this size 8 pair fit perfectly, without feeling like Spanx in full length form.

skinny trouserschecked square scarfoversized jumperhigh neck jumper (all c/o French Connection)

Have I gushed about knitwear enough yet?  Nope, didn’t think so.  Here is another for good measure.  Something tells me I’m going to wonder what I ever did without a white sweater in my life.  Especially a squidgy luxurious one.  Oh dear white jumper, how I love thee.  I’d also like to congratulate myself for taking this one off without getting the neck covered in makeup.  An achievement for anything high necked and white, that is.

I wish I could say I was joking when I say that I wore my brown tartan scarf almost every day for the last couple of winters, but instead I’m going to use it as a reason for being 100% certain this one will become another staple.  I feel naked without a scarf from November onwards and like to swaddle myself like a baby.  Plus tartan seems to magically go with absolutely everything.  The bigger the better when it comes to scarves in my opinion – not about that stingy small scarf life.  Bonus points if it can double up as a blanket on those cold train journeys that I’m definitely not looking forward to.

Here’s to getting excited about Autumn and all the lovely jumpers that come with it.  Just give me a few more days in my sundresses first. 🙂

Lily Kate x

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