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getting nowhere

Ever find yourself sitting around in the evening, wondering what you actually did all day?  Yep, me today.  I haven’t sat around on my ass all day, but don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything either.  Wut is happening.  Sometimes I just don’t know where to start with my to-do list and mess around doing half a job of everything.  Not very satisfying.  Does tidying the kitchen and washing and drying my hair count as doing anything?  I hope so.  We finally put up our tree and decorations on Sunday so it’s not like I’m feeling particularly unfestive, but I’ve not been settled in some way!

Tried taking some snaps of our Christmassy stuff – failed.  Turns out Christmas trees don’t look very impressive in daylight, even if they’re 9 feet tall.


Our stockings are cute though, right?  Made by mum, dad and nan for my first Christmas.  Apparently lots of swearing at the sewing machine was involved, but they’ve lasted!

I gave up on being productive at home and hopped on the bus to attempt my Christmas shopping.  Pretty much failed at that too.  Remember when I said I wanted to do all my Christmas shopping early?  Yeah… that didn’t happen.  Hoping inspiration would strike whilst browsing the shops didn’t work that great either.  I picked up a few bits and pieces, but nowhere near as much as I wanted to!  People in my life – why you so difficult to buy for?  Looking for gifts just confirmed that I must be the easiest person to buy for EVER.  Twinkly lights on Preston high street looked cute though. 🙂


So yeah, today has been a non-day! My brain is mush, basically. Pls help!

lily kate x

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