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UK teen blogger wearing Frost French frill swimsuit at Muasdale Beach Argyll Scotland


As promised, a full holiday roundup of our week in Muasdale, Scotland.  Photo heavy so do be warned!  Our caravan was literally on the beach so we were perfectly placed to make the most of the sunshine, pottering about in the water (wetsuit clad) for the morning before lunch then braving the waters sans-neoprene after refueling.  As you can tell, the whole area is stunning and the sea crystal clear.  Later in the week there were a few epic 6-incher waves but for the most part, the Atlantic seemed more like a giant pond it was that still.


Can’t take the poser out of the girl, can you. 😉  Quite like my shorty wetsuit, even if the soggy knotty hair isn’t anything to rave about.




Crabs are surprisingly easy to catch and pain-free to hold!  Maybe not so pain free to stand on like… glad I avoided that one…


Contrary to what these photos would have you think, I did actually go for a proper swim, I promise!



After burning my belly a little in the back garden the week before, I stuck with a one piece for sunbathing in.  Sun on the water all day did actually seem to make a difference to the temperature (at least I convinced myself it did), and it genuinely looked like a Caribbean shoreline.  Coast of Kintyre is the new Barbados!


Joel still in his full-length Yamaha wetsuit looking like he’s lost a jetski or something.  Was quite funny!


Swimsuit from Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams a couple of years ago.  Finding one pieces to long enough for my super lengthy body is quite a task but this one just about does the job.  Not that I’d chance it and go without the detachable strap though!  Could be embarrassing to say the least.


Guess what!?! I actually did my hair once in the entire week!  Went all out and gave my eyebrows some much needed attention too.  Finally the sun/sea/shampoo seems have stripped my hair back to its natural colour and it glows ginger when it catches the light.  Not sure what colour I’d class it as really!  I can’t be bothered with the rigmarole of keeping up with dyed hair so I’m not gonna bother for the time being.


As always I used my pro ‘folding and rolling’ skillz to pack approximately 3x more clothes than necessary.  I’m glad I did though, as this little cutie of a playsuit would’ve been left behind otherwise!  I’ve had this River Island one for a while and still love it, especially with a hint of a tan. ‘Hint’ being the key word there; I’m by no means a bronzed goddess.


Obligatory beachy handstand pictures of course!  Nowhere near my childhood record of holding a handstand for ‘8 elephants’ but I can still manage a basic up and down haha.


Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the wet and wild later in our stay, but when you’re gonna get soaked and freezing anyway in the sea a downpour or 60 and gale force winds won’t stop you!  Westport beach is known for the surf.


^My baby bro is nearly taller than me now… whatttttt?

On the last day I went riding at a nearby yard and absolutely loved being back in the saddle for an hour!  As a kid I rode 4 or 5 times a week for nearly 10 years and haven’t ridden very often recently, so it felt so fun to be back up there again.  Rory was a lovely horse to ride and my instructor Fiona was so friendly and helpful.


Concentration face isn’t my best look!



And then it rained and rained – with more rain predicted – so we drove back to Preston a day early, to more rain.  And it has pretty much rained since.  Maybe I won’t get to wear my crochet monokini again after all.

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer so far!

lily kate x
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    4th August 2014 at 3:25 am

    Great photos! and it is nice to see Joel again too. You are still taller though. It sounds like a good week and I’d like to go there someday too. I like all th wet suit photos as it gives the idea that it was really cold, sunny and good exploring weather. Maybe you will get to pull out the crochet number though, now that you are back. My mum lives in England and she has been saying how hot it is this summer, but she lives a ways away from you, where some rain would be a bit of a relief on these hot humid days.

    I also have a long torso and find wearing two piece bathing suits so much simpler.

    • Reply
      9th August 2014 at 12:18 pm

      Thank you! Joel looks a bit different now doesn’t he? I’d definitely recommend it for a week away; your girls would love it. It’t hot and cold on and off all summer, but I’m trying my best to savour the hot and humid days whilst I can! Can’t complain about the humidity – the warmth itself is a rare blessing.
      I only have the one one-piece and don’t think I’ll find another that fits!

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