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31 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas For When You Need a Little Inspiration

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Just a short and snappy one from me tonight!  Much as I like reading and writing long rambly blog posts I thought I’d share something (hopefully) more useful today.  A blog post about blog posts, woo!  These are based on lifestyle ideas I’ve written/have in my drafts – we’ve all seen the same ideas come up time and time again on Pinterest lists, so hopefully these provide some different prompts.  Sometimes just a little prompt is all it takes to get you started!  Just like Victoria of InTheFrow said here about the evolution of a blog post, sometimes just a photo can provide a spark of inspiration, and I’ve found the same to be the case for a photo, a sentence, or a conversation.  Anything to get the ideas flowing.  Hopefully some of these might help you out too. 🙂

lifestyle blog post ideas

    1. What are you most excited about?
    2. How do you motivate yourself?
    3. Being age __ in 2017
    4. What new things have you been trying lately?
    5. What are your ‘feel good’ things?
    6. Share a road trip photo diary
    7. What unsettles you?
    8. Bed sweet bed – what do you love about your bedroom?
    9. What’s the next step?
    10. Being the oldest/youngest/middle/only child – how has it shaped your life?
    11. 10 years from now…
    12. Take a test to find your Myers Briggs personality – is it accurate?
    13. The life you want
    14. Share your views on religion and spirituality
    15. 10 before you’re 20/30/40…
    16. What is interesting to you?
    17. Your favourite accounts to follow
    18. Write a letter to your elderly self.  What kind of person do you hope to be?
    19. Share you photography style/tips.  Do you have a trademark style or edit a particular way?
    20. Peoplewatching – record your observations on life going by.
    21. Do you trust yourself?  Why/why not?
    22. Which life experiences have been most/least valuable to you?
    23. One word: ‘confidence’.  Go
    24. Your attitude towards relationships
    25. What’s the story behind your blog name & why you started blogging?
    26. Problems/perks of being short/average/tall
    27. Rant about/praise social media
    28. Did you go to university?  Was it worth it?
    29. Outline your year/blogging year/life in numbers
    30. The traditions you’ll always keep
    31. A conversation with a stranger you’ll always remember


Goes without saying please let me know if you use any of these ideas – I’d love to read your posts!

lily kate x

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    7th March 2017 at 9:12 pm

    These are some great suggestions, I love people watching so that would make quite an interesting and maybe inappropriate post!


    • Reply
      lily kate
      12th March 2017 at 7:43 pm

      Thanks Hannah! Hopefully they’ll be useful 🙂 Do a peoplewatching post, I’d love to read it!

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