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liverpool metquarter | a chilled out glam day

Who doesn’t love a chilled out glam day every once in a while?  Putting your looks in somebody else’s hands and letting them work their magic is rather relaxing.  On Tuesday I was invited along to the Metquarter in Liverpool for exactly this kind of treatment, and my skin and hair is definitely thanking me for it!


First stop: Urban Calm.  I arrived with no idea which treatment I’d be experiencing, but when you’re offered the chance to try out the new funky facial, you take it!


Because afterwards the smile on your face will be this wide because your skin feels like an actual peach.  Or the ‘inside of a rose’ to pinch similes from Rihanna.  So soft and glowy!  Lisa (peeping behind me in the background) was lovely and worked her magic on my face and arms in a manner so relaxing that I almost fell asleep.  Until the literal part of the ‘face mask’ treatment came along…


Not entirely what I was expecting!  The cyberman-esque LED mask activates the skin’s photoreceptors and boosts circulation, whilst simultaneously making you look like something from a sci-fi movie.


Next stop: getting my hair did at Vidal Sassoon.  Gotta love the fresh feel of a cut and blow!  You can’t beat the post blow-dry swishy feeling.  Please please please can my hair be like this every day.  Now to master the art of acquiring volume, curls and shininess all at once.  Apparently loading my hair with thick masks in the aim to tame the frizz probably isn’t the best idea and I should give volumising products a shot instead, so we’ll see how that goes!


Vidal Sassoon are also offering a 30% discount to you guys in September if you quote ‘Liverpool Sassoon’ when you call – just an FYI. 😛


Third and final stop: Illamasqua.  My skin was feeling and looking the nicest it has done makeup-free in a long time after my facial, so we kept the makeup nice and light.  The Contouring Gel Sculpt looked the absolute opposite of natural in the packaging, but once on it adapted to my skin tone and did wonderful things to my cheekbones.   I just tried a couple of the express treatments on the eyebrows and lips this time, but had a good old nosy round the store and set my eye on manyyyy of the lipsticks!


Emma, our lovely PR contact, arranged appointment slots for us all to bounce around the centre – unfortunately my path didn’t cross any of the other bloggers’ but I had a fab time anyway.  Thanks Metquarter for having me!  If you’re looking to hit luxury hotspots in one day, then the Metquarter‘s your place!

lily kate x

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